Bear Proof Food Containers for Backpacking

Bear Proof Food Containers for Backpacking: Essential Safety Tips

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When we venture into bear country, securing our food supply is not just a matter of convenience, but of safety. Stowing food away from bears is essential to protect both wildlife and ourselves.

Bear-proof food containers are designed specifically to withstand the tremendous strength and intelligence of bears, ensuring that our food remains inaccessible to them while we are backpacking.

These containers come in various shapes and sizes but are commonly made from hard, durable materials that bears cannot easily crush or break open. The design is simple yet effective: a locking mechanism that is easy for a human to open with a tool like a coin or a screwdriver but is too complicated for bears to figure out.

When picking the right bear-proof container for a backpacking trip, weight and volume are critical considerations.

Since we have to carry everything on our backs, we look for containers that provide a balance between being lightweight, spacious enough to store several days’ worth of food, and durable enough to resist bear attacks.

We also check for certification from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), ensuring the container meets established bear resistance standards.

Having the right bear-proof food container brings peace of mind to our wilderness adventures. We’re confident that our food is safe, which in turn keeps the bears safe and prevents them from becoming accustomed to human food.

Our commitment goes beyond just carrying a bear canister; it’s about respecting wildlife and protecting the natural environment. With these essentials in mind, let's consider the options available to find the best match for our backpacking needs.

Top Bear-Proof Food Containers for Backpacking

When out in the wilderness, keeping your food safe from curious bears is a top priority for us. We understand the importance of safeguarding our sustenance without inviting wildlife into our campsite.

The market offers several containers designed to withstand the brute strength of a bear, while being lightweight enough for our backpacking adventures. Our selected bear-proof food containers ensure our food stays secure and the bears stay safe, so we can focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

UDAP No-Fed Bear Canister

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We found the UDAP No-Fed Bear Canister to be an essential companion for trekking into bear country, providing peace of mind with its durable design.


  • Built by someone with real bear encounter experience
  • Includes helpful bear safety tips booklet
  • Lightweight yet robust construction


  • Lid requires a tool to open
  • Small arrow indicators for securing the lid are difficult to read
  • Limited capacity for longer treks

Out in the wild, our priority is to enjoy nature without inviting wildlife to our campsite. That's where the UDAP No-Fed Bear Canister comes in handy; its sturdy build kept our snacks safe from curious bears.

After several nights, it became evident that the canister's polymer blend body and metal fasteners are the bulwarks we never knew we needed.

Every hiker knows the importance of keeping a camp tidy and wildlife-friendly, especially when in bear country. The added booklet, replete with tips on bear safety, proved invaluable for our less experienced friends.

It's one thing to have a bear-proof container, but the knowledge on how to use it effectively is just as crucial—we learned a lot!

Although the container is indeed secure, one cannot simply twist off the lid with their hands. A coin or a small tool is necessary; a pocket knife worked well for us. Initially, we had a bit of a wrestle with the lid screws due to the hard-to-see arrows. It’s a minor hiccup but worth noting.

Moreover, consider packing this container for shorter trips as its inner space is ample for a weekend but may lack the room required for extended adventures.

When you're miles from civilization and reliant on what's in your pack, the UDAP No-Fed Bear Canister gives that little bit of extra assurance that your food will remain just yours.

BearVault BV450

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If you're aiming for peace of mind in bear country without the bulk, this compact canister is our trail-tested favorite.


  • User-friendly design with a tool-free lid and transparent construction to easily locate snacks
  • Rugged yet lightweight, doubling as a handy camp stool after a long hike
  • Approved by numerous National Parks, providing confidence in bear-heavy areas


  • Can be tough to open in colder weather or if fingers are numb
  • Despite its portability, it's still bulkier than bag alternatives
  • May require some strategy to fit 3-4 days' worth of food for heartier appetites

After years of coping with cumbersome bear canisters, our latest trip with the BearVault BV450 was a game-changer. Slipping this canister into our pack, its shorter stature allowed for an easier fit among our gear. The first night out, we reveled in the simplicity of spotting our meal through the transparent sides, a small yet significant relief as the dusk settled around our campsite.

The lid's user-friendly design meant we could access our food without rummaging for a coin or tool to pry it open. A bear-proof container that doesn't frustrate at mealtime—now that's thoughtful design. And when we ran out of seats around the campfire, the BV450 served as a makeshift stool; a multifunctional marvel worthy of any backpacker's cache.

Despite all these benefits, the cooler evening temperatures did make the lid a bit finicky, requiring extra effort to open. And while we appreciate its more space-efficient shape, there is no denying that any bear canister introduces added bulk. We managed to pack three days' worth of provisions, though admittingly it was a snug fit and took some creative packing solutions.

Use of the BearVault BV450 instills a deeper sense of responsibility for wilderness stewardship, keeping our food safe from bears and us safe from fines in protected areas. It's a solid investment for any outdoor enthusiast venturing into the backcountry.

Selkirk Ultralight Food Hanging System

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We think this system is a solid choice for keeping your grub out of paws' reach without weighing down your pack.


  • Lightweight design makes it barely noticeable in our backpack.
  • Setup is a breeze, even for those new to backpacking.
  • The rock sock is a clever touch, simplifying the hanging process.


  • The included bag may be too small for longer trips with more food.
  • Durability of the bag seems questionable with long-term heavy use.
  • "Dry bag" term is a bit generous; we wouldn't trust it in a deluge.

Having just returned from a weekend trip in bear country, we gave the Selkirk Ultralight Food Hanging System a thorough workout. The ease of use was evident right from the start. Unpacking the system, the components were straightforward; we had our food stashed high up in a tree in no time. The added pulley made hoisting our stash a piece of cake, saving us some muscle strain.

The compactness of the system was a perk. Hiking with this was no hassle; we didn't feel weighed down at all. We marveled at how such a simple design could make us feel much more secure about leaving our food outside.

However, on our multi-day excursion, space did become an issue. For a longer trek, we might look for something with a bit more capacity. Additionally, while the material of the bag is quite light, it's not the toughest; careful handling is a must.

And while we fortunately didn't have to test its waterproof claim in heavy rain, we're a tad skeptical and would advise keeping electronics and other water-sensitive items elsewhere.

On the whole, the Selkirk Ultralight Food Hanging System delivered on its promise and made our trip a smooth experience. It checks off many boxes for both novices and seasoned backpackers seeking a simple and effective solution to food storage in the wild.

RATSACK Rodent Proof Dry Bag

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We find the RATSACK Bundle an essential for any backpacker looking to safeguard their provisions from wildlife with a lightweight and odor-proof solution.


  • Crafted in the USA for maximum durability
  • Bundle includes vital odor-proof storage bags and utility cord
  • Spacious yet ultralight, adding minimal weight to your pack


  • Not entirely bear-proof, precautionary measures still needed
  • Initial strong odor from the bag itself may be off-putting
  • Some customers reported missing items upon delivery

Venturing into the backcountry comes with its challenges, and keeping food away from critters is one of them. The RATSACK Bundle, with its ultra-durable stainless steel mesh, has been our go-to.

The mesh feels resilient and we’ve had no issues with any rodents breaching our food stash so far. Pairing it with the included Coghlan’s odor-proof bags adds that extra level of smell protection, which is crucial when you’re in areas with nosy bears.

Ease of use is a significant factor when backpacking. Fortunately, this bag is both user-friendly and spacious. We managed to pack enough food for our group without feeling weighed down.

And, when it came time to settle for the night, securing the RATSACK was no stress at all. Thanks to the 50ft of paracord, hanging the bag from a tree was a breeze, keeping our stash out of reach from ground-level critters.

I'd say that one downside we noticed straight away with the RATSACK was the strong scent it came with out of the box. It faded after a few days in the open air, but initially, it was quite noticeable.

Additionally, while the RATSACK Bundle is not designed to be bear-proof, it's worth noting for those trekking in bear country that additional precautions should be taken.

Once, we encountered a bear, and while it didn't get to our food, it was a reminder to always be vigilant and use bear poles or canisters where regulations require them.

Moreover, some fellow travelers have shared disappointments on missing pieces like the carabiner or the rope. Be sure to double-check your order upon arrival.

Ensuring the freshness and safety of your food without adding much weight to your pack is crucial, and the RATSACK Bundle fits the bill. We’ve used it on multi-day trips and it has yet to disappoint. This lightweight, odor-proof solution has earned its place in our backpacking gear.


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We recommend this bear-proof food container for its ease of use and effectiveness at keeping your provisions safe in the great outdoors.


  • Ingeniously simple hanging system that reduces the effort needed to elevate food
  • Durable and waterproof material keeps food scent-contained and dry
  • Sufficient capacity and lightweight design are ideal for multi-day treks


  • Despite its sturdiness, sharp objects may puncture the material if not packed carefully
  • The included ropes are prone to tangling if not handled with care
  • Reflective ropes are useful, but can be less discreet during the day

On our recent backcountry journey, we got the chance to test out the WAEKIYTL Bear Bag Kit. The pulley system was a game changer; hoisting food supplies high into the trees became a hassle-free task even after a long day's trek.

Its effectiveness wasn't just in strength but also in strategy - the bag was positioned well out of bears' aerial reach.

The container's rugged material held up against nature's elements, confidently shielding our edibles from rain and drizzle.

The bag's volume was a pleasant surprise, swallowing up several days' worth of food, which, once you've rolled it down to your content, doesn't take up any unnecessary room in your pack. This feature alone proves indispensable for avid hikers mindful of their load.

Moreover, while using the WAEKIYTL Bear Bag Kit, we appreciated the thoughtful details like the rock pouch, making it easier to find the right weight for throwing the rope over a branch.

The reflective ropes, adding a safety layer, were visible in our headlamps, enabling hassle-free nocturnal food retrievals. Yet, in daylight, they stood out more than we'd like, something to consider for those favoring a more minimalist approach to their camping aesthetic.

Buying Guide

Our Essentials Checklist

When we're looking for a bear-proof food container for backpacking, our priority is safety—for both us and the bears. Here is the essentials checklist to guide us through the selection process:

  • Durability: It's crucial to choose a container that’s made of sturdy, bear-resistant materials.
  • Locking Mechanism: A secure locking mechanism prevents bears from gaining access to our food.
  • Capacity: Consider the amount of food we plan to carry and select the size accordingly.
  • Ease of Use: We need to ensure that the container is easy for us to open but challenging for bears.
  • Weight and Portability: Lightweight and portable designs make our trek easier.

What to Look For

Feature Why It Matters Material Must withstand a bear’s attempt to open or crush. Certification Containers should be IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) certified. Size & Shape Should be compact and fit comfortably in our backpack.

Important Considerations

To complement the table above, here are a few more considerations that should influence our choice:

  • Bear Resistance: We should verify it can resist direct contact with bears.
  • Seal: An airtight seal keeps our food fresh and contains scents that attract bears.
  • Color: Highly visible colors can help us locate the container if it’s moved by a bear.
  • Carrying Case: Ideal for protection during transport and helps to keep everything organized.

Choosing the best bear-proof food container is about balancing these features with our needs and the regulations of the area we'll be backpacking in. Let's make sure our adventures are safe and bear-friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most common questions about bear-proof food containers to ensure you're prepared for your backpacking adventures. Here are clear answers to help you understand how to safely store food away from bears.

How should I store my food to prevent bears from accessing it while I'm backpacking?

We recommend using airtight bear-proof containers and hanging them at least 10 to 15 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from the tree trunk. This method, known as bear bagging, is commonly practiced to keep your food and the bears safe.

Which bear canister models are recommended for their durability and effectiveness?

The BearVault BV500 and Garcia Bear-Resistant Container are among the top models we recommend for their robust construction and proven effectiveness in various conditions. They are often praised for their durability and user-friendliness.

What size bear-proof container is sufficient for a long backpacking trip?

For a week-long trip, a container with a capacity of about 11 to 14 liters should suffice for one person. Consider the length of your trip and the amount of food you plan to carry to choose the appropriate size.

Are there effective bear-proof food storage options available on Amazon?

Yes, you can find a range of bear-proof containers on Amazon, from lightweight bags to sturdy canisters. Brands such as BearVault, Counter Assault, and Frontiersman offer products that are typically well-reviewed by backpackers.

Can bears detect the smell of food stored in bear-proof containers?

Bear-proof containers are designed to significantly reduce the scent of food, making it less likely for bears to detect. However, no container is 100% odor-proof, so proper storage away from your campsite is still essential.

What are the requirements for a container to be officially considered bear-proof?

To be officially considered bear-proof, a container must meet the stringent testing guidelines set by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) or similar wildlife protection agencies, which include withstanding rigorous attempts by bears to open it.

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