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Brew It Up With The Best Electric Kettle!

So, what makes an electric kettle so great? They're fast and efficient. You can use them to heat up water for tea and coffee in no time at all.

Electric kettles are the best!

They heat water up quickly so you don't have to wait long for your tea or coffee like a stovetop kettle.

Plus, they're great for prepping cooking water too.

The performance of electric kettles does vary between models, but that just means you have to do a bit of research before picking one out.

Electric kettles are a must for any tea lover. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different features to suit everyone's needs.

Some people may prefer a quick, quiet kettle that doesn't use up a lot of energy.

Others may want a design that looks nice on their kitchen counter.

And for those who love their herbal tea and coffee, variable temperature kettles are a must. No matter what your needs are, we've found the perfect electric kettle for you.

What To Look For

When looking for the best electric kettle there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • The most important factor is how quickly the kettle can boil water.
  • You'll also want to consider the size of the kettle, as well as whether it has any special features like a timer or automatic shut-off.
  • Finally, it's important to choose a kettle that is safe and easy to use.
  • The best kettles have heat-resistant handles and locking lids, which make them safer to use.
  • They also come with indicator lights or beepers that let you know when the water has boiled, so you don't have to stand over the pot waiting for it to finish.

If you're in the market for a new electric kettle, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the options.

We've all been there. With so many different kettles to choose from, how can you know which one is right for you?

Don't worry, we're here to help. In this article, we'll give you a rundown of the five best electric kettles on the market.

We'll tell you what makes each kettle special and why it made our list. By the end of this post, you'll know exactly which kettle is right for your needs.

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Mueller Ultra Kettle

Best basic electric kettle.

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Looking for a kettle that will have your water boiling in no time?

Look no further than the Mueller Ultra Kettle. This nifty little kettle can heat up 1.8L of water in just minutes, perfect for when you need a quick cup of tea.

It also features an LED light that signals when the kettle is working, so you'll never have to wait around wondering if your water is ready.

Plus, it's made with high-quality, non-toxic materials and is more energy efficient than a stove-top kettle - talk about a win-win!

✔ Glass and stainless steel

✔ Fast & efficient water heating

✖️ No temperature control

COSORI Electric Kettle

Best gooseneck kettle.

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This beautiful kettle has a wide range of water temperatures for multiple uses.

Each temperature button has a label for each tea whether it be green tea, black tea, or even coffee.

So you can always find the perfect temperature for your needs. There's even a keep warm function to keep the water at your desired temperature.

Plus, the longer cord provides wider flexibility of counter locations, and the gooseneck spout allows more control of where the hot water pours out.

Whether you're making tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, the COSORI Electric Kettle is the perfect choice.

✔ Aesthetically pleasing design

✔ Wide range of water temperatures

✔ Long cord

✔ 60 min keep warm function

✖️ Audible beep might fail

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Best electric kettle for pour over coffee.

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Looking for an electric kettle that looks as good as it performs? Meet the Stagg EKG, a gooseneck kettle with a simple yet powerful design.

The sleek stainless steel kettle has a precision spout for the perfect pour-over flow rate, and the counterbalanced handle provides a sturdy grip for a slower pour.

  • The quick-heating element makes boiling water a breeze, and the to-the-degree temperature settings control makes it easy to perfect your cup of coffee or tea.
  • The LCD display indicates the desired Set Temp & Real-Time Temp, and the built-in Brew Stopwatch times your steeping process.

Whether you're a coffee lover or tea drinker, the Stagg EKG is the perfect kettle for you.

✔ Beautiful design

✔ Variable temperature control

✔ 60 min hold temperature option

✔ Built-in brew stopwatch

✖️ Expensive

KRUPS BW801852 Smart Temp Digital Kettle

Best double-walled electric kettle.

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This handy appliance has 5 preset temperatures to bring out the best flavors in your teas and coffees.

Whether you're looking for a warm cup of 105°F tea or a boiling cup of 212°F coffee, this kettle has you covered.

Plus, the stainless steel interior provides hot drinks with the purest flavor. And when it's time to clean, simply wipe the outside with a clean cloth (with a drop of vinegar if necessary).

The double wall construction keeps the heat in while ensuring the outer layer stays safe to touch.

✔ Double walled keeps the outside cool to touch

✔ 5 pre set temperatures

✔ Nice digital display

✖️ No audible tone when done

Ovente Electric Kettle

Best budget electric kettle.

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This kettle operates on 1100W (120V) and can boiling a full 1.7L of water in just minutes, making it 50% more efficient than traditional stovetop kettles.

Plus, it features an auto shut-off feature and boil-dry protection technology to help keep things safe.

✔ Inexpensive

✔ BPA Free

✔ Durable

✖️ Made of plastic

How We Picked

We've hunted high and low for the best electric kettles out there. To even make it onto this list, they had to boast impressive reviews and perform brilliantly.

We were looking for kettles that were both functional and attractive, with no recurring faults.

We also considered the capacity and weight of each kettle, as well as the number of temperature settings for those with variable controls.

Finally, we judged the aesthetics of the design and whether or not it was good value for money.

What's The Best Electric Kettle For You?

There's a kettle for everyone, no matter your budget or needs.

When choosing your electric kettle, think about what you want it to do.

Do you need one that has a large capacity for your big family?

Does the design matter to you? Or are you just looking for something to quickly boil water?

Temperature settings can be important to tea and coffee drinkers, while others might not need them at all.

No matter what, make sure to have a look at the different kettles on the market before making your decision!

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