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Best Monk Fruit Sweetener | Sugar Cravings No More!

Monk fruit is a natural sweetener that has zero calories and doesn't affect blood sugar levels.

Are you looking for a healthy, natural sweetener that won't affect your blood sugar levels?

Monk fruit extract has become popular as a low-carbohydrate, calorie-free, sweetener in recent years. It is a fruit that is native to Asia and has been used to sweeten food and drinks for centuries.

In this article, we will review the 5 best monk fruit sweeteners on the market. We will compare their nutritional information, taste, and price so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

How We Picked

Sugar is terrible for you and it's hard to avoid in the modern diet.

It's no secret that sugar is bad for you, but it can be tough to cut out of your diet completely. Even if you're trying to eat healthy, there are still a lot of hidden sugars in common foods.

Monk fruit sweeteners are great sugar substitutes.

They're low-carb, paleo, keto, and Whole30 approved, and they taste just as good as regular sugar.

We've scoured the internet and read thousands of reviews to bring you the best monk fruit sweeteners on the market.

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Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener with Erythritol

Best monk fruit sweetener for cooking and baking

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Why We Chose

Introducing Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener – the perfect sugar substitute for people looking to cut down on calories while still enjoying all the sweetness of sugar.

Made from a delicious blend of Non-GMO erythritol, monk fruit extract, and natural flavors, it has zero calories and a taste that's akin to the sugar in the raw.

Unlike other sweeteners on the market, Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener won't leave you with a nasty aftertaste or gross chemical flavor normally associated with common sugar replacements.

The Rundown

This raw cane sugar substitute offers the perfect balance of sweetness from monk fruit sweetener and erythritol for an unbeatable flavor.

  • Perfect for coffee, desserts, cookies & more - now you can enjoy all the same great recipes without worrying about excess sugars or calories.
  • This natural alternative to cane sugar offers an impressive 250x sweetness without any calories.
  • It contains no net carbs, calories, or glycemic index and has been shown to help manage blood sugar levels in users.

βœ” Similar to raw cane sugar

βœ” Zero calories and carbs

βœ” 1:1 sugar replacement

βœ–οΈ Slightly cool aftertaste for some users

Truvia Calorie-Free Sweetener Monk Fruit Packets

Best monk fruit sweetener for tea and coffee

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Why We Chose

Truvia Calorie-Free Sweetener is the ideal choice for those watching their waistline or counting calories. With Truvia, you can enjoy a classically sweet taste without the guilt of consuming too many sugars and calories.

Also, it comes in handy single-serve packets that are easy to carry in your purse and convenient for on-the-go sweetening. A little goes a long way when using Truvia – thanks to its clean sweetness, you only need a small amount to get your preferred taste every time.

Plus, if you purchase from Amazon, you can get great bulk discounts and save money in the long run!

The Rundown

Crafted using monk fruit extract and erythritol, each packet provides the same sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar.

  • Enjoy 60 packets per carton for all your calorie-free satisfaction needs.
  • Zero-sugar, non-GMO natural product is ideal for those on a carb-conscious diet like Keto or managing diabetes.
  • It's gluten-free, and kosher-certified making it versatile enough to add sweetness and flavor not just in coffee or tea but also to yogurt, cereal & more - without any artificial additives.

βœ” 60 packets per carton

βœ” Non-GMO

βœ” Tastes great

βœ–οΈ May taste bitter for some people

NOW Foods Certified Organic Monk Fruit Liquid

Best liquid monk fruit sweetener

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Why We Chose

This organic liquid provides a delicious, and safe, sweetness – without the aftertaste. It contains no calories and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Plus, it won't raise your blood sugar levels.

Enjoy it in yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, tea, or coffee later in the day.

It's the perfect replacement for sugar in any situation where you want sweetness but only with natural ingredients.

The Rundown

This company has been proudly providing quality products for over fifty years, thanks to its family-run operations here in the United States.

  • Zero-calorie sweetener that packs up to 200 times more flavor than traditional sugar.
  • Add the perfect amount of sweetness to your favorite drinks and dishes with only 5-8 drops - no measuring cups required! Simply shake well before adding, leaving you free to enjoy the naturally sweet taste.

βœ” USDA Organic

βœ” 1000 plus servings

βœ” Non-GMO

βœ–οΈ Contains Cane Sugar Alcohol

Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Best flavored monk fruit sweetener

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Why We Chose

If you're looking to bring sweetness to your day without taking in extra sugar, then look no further than Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup.

This syrup has a delightful, maple-flavored taste that's sure to make your taste buds smile without any added sugar.

Perfect for adding a kick of flavor to classic pancake and waffle recipes, as well as ice cream sundaes and more, Lakanto Maple Syrup is a great way to make all your sweet dishes sugar-free.

The Rundown

For the perfect start to your day, choose this all-natural vegan syrup for an incredibly healthy and flavorful breakfast.

  • Enjoy the taste and texture of real maple syrup without all the sugar!
  • Drizzle this deliciously sweet topping over pancakes or waffles for a healthier breakfast option - it’s also excellent in oatmeal, granola, frostings, and marinades.
  • This unique blend includes quality ingredients such as water, tapioca fiber, non-GMO Lakanto Monkfruit Extract, natural flavors, and sea salt.

βœ” Non-GMO

βœ” Zero Calories

βœ” Tastes great

βœ–οΈ Not thick as regular syrup

Monk Drops - 100% Monkfruit Liquid Sweetener

Best on-the-go monk fruit sweetener

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Why We Chose

Most monk fruit sweeteners contain additional ingredients to moderate the flavor, texture, and sweetness. This one contains only one ingredient, monk fruit.

This versatile sweetener works in almost any food or beverage, no matter the level of desired sweetness. With just a few drops, you can adjust your drinks, baked goods, and other treats to perfectly match your own personal preference.

For a great example of how monk drops can drastically improve your favorite recipes, try using it in a cup of freshly brewed coffee or bowl of oatmeal – it’s sure to take breakfast up a notch!

The Rundown

Their strict manufacturing process starts abroad and continues in the US, where they ensure premium-grade ingredients through an intense third-party lab testing program.

  • Enjoy up to 350 servings of this product with just 3-4 drops per dose!
  • The bottle comes with a safety cap, allowing you to enjoy the perfect amount of sweetness at home or on the go, without worrying about accidental leaks.
  • It's an ideal choice if your body is sensitive toward erythritol or other sugar alcohols.

βœ” 3rd party tested

βœ” 100% pure monk fruit extract

βœ” Alcohol-free

βœ–οΈ Not very potent

Frequently Asked Questions

Is monk fruit sweetener OK for you?

Monk fruit sweetener, also known as Luo Han Guo, is made from the monk fruit, a small green fruit that is about the size of a grape.

The monk fruit has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat obesity and diabetes.

The main benefit of monk fruit sweetener is that it is natural and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients.

It also has a very low glycemic index (GI) rating, meaning that it does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

This makes monk fruit sweetener a good choice for people with diabetes or those who are trying to lose weight.

What are the negatives of monk fruit sweeteners?

For one, they're expensive. They can also be hard to find in stores. Some people also say that they have a slightly different taste than other sweeteners, although I haven't tried them myself so I can't say for sure.

Is monk fruit sweetener healthier than sugar?

Yes, monk fruit sweetener is healthier than sugar. It contains zero calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. Additionally, it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Can diabetics have monk fruit sweetener?

Yes, diabetics can have monk fruit sweetener. Monk fruit is a natural sweetener that is derived from the monk fruit plant. It is a zero-calorie sweetener, and it does not raise blood sugar levels.

Does monk fruit cause diarrhea?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that monk fruit causes diarrhea.

However, like any other food, it's possible to have an intolerance or allergy to monk fruit.

Is monk fruit healthier than stevia?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is very little research on monk fruit sweeteners. However, both monk fruit and stevia are natural sweeteners and seem to be healthier alternatives to artificial sweeteners.

Is monk fruit sweetener hard on the liver?

No, monk fruit sweetener is not hard on the liver. Monk fruit extract has been shown to be non-toxic and does not cause any damage to the liver. In fact, it may even offer some health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and protecting against oxidative stress.

Is monk fruit sweetener okay for high blood pressure?

There is no definitive answer to this question since people with high blood pressure can have different nutritional needs.

However, monk fruit sweetener is a natural sweetener that is low in calories and glycemic index, so it may be a good option for people with high blood pressure who are looking for a healthy way to sweeten their food.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, these are the best monk fruit sweeteners on the market.

After scouring the internet and reading thousands of reviews we believe to have uncovered the best ones for most people's needs.

Whether you're looking for a granulated monk fruit sweetener to use as a 1:1 replacement for table sugar or want a liquid form to add some sweetness to your coffee or tea, we've got you covered.

Check out our links to find the best monk fruit sweetener for your needs.

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