What Do Dates Do For Pregnancy

What Do Dates Do For Pregnancy | Power Up Your Preparation

Learn why experts recommend including dates in your diet and how you can get the most out of them.

When you think of pregnancy, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a growing baby bump.

But there's so much more to it than that!

Pregnancy is an amazing time when your body is undergoing incredible changes to accommodate your little one.

Every stage of pregnancy comes with its own unique set of challenges and symptoms, but one thing that can help (especially in the last trimester) is dates!

Dates are a nutritious fruit that studies have shown to offer a variety of benefits for pregnant women. Easing labor and delivery and improving cervical dilation, dates can be a helpful addition to any pregnancy diet.

Let's take a closer look at some of the ways dates can benefit expecting mothers.

Instant Insight: Eating dates during pregnancy can be really good for moms-to-be. They are packed with nutrients like fiber, folate, and vitamin K, which help keep both mom and baby healthy, and they might even make labor a bit easier by reducing the need for induction and stimulating uterine contractions.

Nutritional Value In Date Fruit

These tasty little fruits are packed with nutrients and fiber. Dates contain insoluble fiber that can help you stay full and help relieve constipation- a common issue in pregnancy.

They are also a great source for :

  • Folate: helps prevent neural tube defects and matures the baby's spinal cord properly
  • Magnesium: helps with cramps in pregnancy and supports a healthy muscular system
  • Potassium: helps regulate blood pressure and reduce fluid retention
  • Vitamin K: helps maintain healthy bones and proper blood clotting

Dates Positively Affect Labor And Delivery

One study found that Date fruit consumption during late pregnancy (one month before their estimated due date) has been shown to affect the outcome of labor and delivery positively.

Women who consumed six dates a day:

  • Had a shorter first stage of labor.
  • Were more likely to spontaneously go into labor.
  • Were further dilated than those who did not consume dates during admission.
  • Were less likely to be induced.
  • More likely to have a successful vaginal delivery.

Date fruit has also been found to reduce postpartum hemorrhage because it acts as a uterotonic agent like oxytocin.

When To Start Eating Dates In Pregnancy

pregnant woman with hands on stomach
It is recommended to start eating dates from 36 weeks on.

Of course, you can eat dates earlier in pregnancy because of their nutritional benefits- as stated above, but it is important to remember that they are high in sugar.

If you struggle with high blood sugar it would be wise to wait until 36 weeks.

How Many Dates To Eat During Pregnancy?

Studies show that Six dates a day are sufficient enough to have a positive outcome in both labor and delivery.

There are many varieties of dates so 70-75 grams is what you should look for in weight.

If you need a visual guideline, a date about 1 inch long- such as a Deglet, then 6 dates would be the goal. However, if you are eating a 2-inch long date- Medjool, then 3 would work perfectly.

How To Eat Dates During Pregnancy?

stuffed dates

Eating dates alone can be surprisingly hard to consume all at once due to their high sugar content.

From experience, I'd suggest making stuffed dates. That way you can get a variety of flavors and get some added protein which is always a plus in pregnancy.
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Dates are delicious and nutritious fruit that offer a variety of benefits for pregnant women easing both labor and delivery.

If you're pregnant and looking for ways to naturally improve your health and well-being, consider adding some dates to your diet!

There are also many bars and snacks on the market that are an easy and convenient way to consume dates.

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