Best 5 Person Tent

Be Ready for Any Terrain With The Best 5-Person Tent

Looking for the perfect five-person tent for your next outdoor adventure? Find out which tents are the best with our ultimate guide.

Looking for a tent that can fit the whole family? Check out this article where we review five of the best 5 person tents on the market.

These tents are perfect for camping trips with friends and family, offering plenty of room and comfort all while providing protection from Mother Nature’s elements.

We’ll discuss all sorts of features so you can make an informed decision about which tent is right for your next outdoor adventure!

For shorter or longer camping trips, these spacious yet lightweight tents offer lots of advantages without taking up too much space in your car trunk.

Easily set up and tear down, these 5 person-sized tents provide maximum comfort and performance when it counts most --outdoors! Plus, they come with added bonus features to keep everyone happy throughout their camping stay.

How We Picked

It's hard to know which 5-person tent is the best for your needs. You might read a lot of reviews, but it's still tough to make a decision.

How do you know if a tent is going to be good quality? Will it hold up in bad weather? Is it easy enough to set up that you won't get frustrated after a long day of hiking?

We've done the research for you. After reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon, we carefully evaluated each one based on quality, construction, size, ease-of-use, customer satisfaction ratings, price point, and other important metrics such as waterproofness or sun protection rating. Our list includes only the best 5-person tents available today.

Disclosure: We only recommend things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. Using one of our referral links might give us a small commission which helps support this website at no additional cost to you. If you’d like to learn more check out our disclaimer page.

Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent

Best overall

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Why We Chose

If you are looking for the ultimate camping experience, then the Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent is perfect for you! This tent is one of a kind and ensures that you will have enough room to be as comfortable as possible while camping – guaranteed.

It provides so much space that it easily fits two twin cots plus large backpacks, but don't worry - five can sleep comfortably in this tent.

If you need more room, no problem – the Nemo Aurora can hold up to six people at once (without the cots).

The Rundown

  • This unique frame design offers impressively spacious interiors and generous headroom throughout, making it feel like you're in the grandest of spaces.
  • Entering your tent is a breeze with two doors and vestibules, each equipped with Gatekeeper door clips for maximum convenience.
  • Enjoy the outdoors with large side windows providing stunning views while keeping out rain and pests, so you can relax in comfort with excellent air ventilation.

Floor Dimensions: 100" x 120" (83.3 sq ft) | Minimum Weight: 15lbs 14oz | Peak Height: 77in

✔ Unique frame design offers spacious interiors and generous headroom

✔ Two doors and vestibules with Gatekeeper door clips for easy access

✔ Lightweight and durable construction perfect for backpacking trips

✔ Airy mesh roof provides maximum ventilation

✖️ Expensive compared to similar tents

✖️ Needs staking out for optimal stability in strong winds

Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ Person 3 Season Tent

Best dome style tent

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Why We Chose

Are you looking for a tent? We've got just the one for you! The Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ Person 3 Season Tent is perfect for car camping and when we tested this product out, we were incredibly impressed.

Despite being incredibly light, it was still unbelievably roomy - so much so that we were able to stand inside while changing. Our queen-raised air mattress fit perfectly, even in the peak of summer.

The fly is designed to go all the way down to the ground, keeping you warm and dry during even the most severe thunderstorms. It can handle winds up to a whopping 30 mph without tipping over if you anchor the guy lines properly!

Additionally, the tent walls are mostly screens that let fresh air in during humid nights; not so great for privacy but most definitely great for ventilation. Trust us - this tent is an absolute must-have for all your outdoor adventures!

The Rundown

Featuring room for five (plus your furry friend), an impressive six-foot peak height, and a luxuriously spacious porch vestibule - this is the perfect way to experience outdoor living.

  • Featuring a detachable ceiling loft pocket and suitcase-style stuff sack for easy organization.
  • Enhance your camping experience with top-of-the-line features like a tent fly, ventilation windows, and bathtub-style floor construction for superior insulation.
  • Allow protection from the elements, taped seams to ensure an airtight seal against moisture intrusion, and no-see-um mesh wall panels that keep tiny bugs out while still allowing fresh air in.
  • Interior pockets provide convenient storage without sacrificing space.

Dimensions: 120" x 120" x 74" | Weight: 14lbs 11oz | Peak Height: 6ft 2in

✔ Tall ceilings

✔ Large floor space

✔ Great ventilation with mesh wall panels

✔ Detachable ceiling loft pocket for easy organization

✔ Large vestibule space

✖️ Can get hot during summer days without proper ventilation

NTK Colorado GT Tent for Camping

Best for wet weather

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Why We Chose

This tent has seen it all - from Michigan to Colorado to Utah and even the Outer Banks - and proven its worth. Its advanced, UPF waterproof fabric and robust construction are built for any camping adventure you choose to take.

Not only is it durable, but setting it up will only take a few minutes of your time! With room enough for two people and two doors on different sides of the tent, nothing's stopping you from exploring the great outdoors.

Plus, with the rainfly extending beyond the tent and its mostly mesh internal design you'll be able to store wet shoes in the canopy - keeping them out of your living area - as well as enjoy comfortable temperatures on those hot days.

The Rundown

  • Crafted from ultra-thin polyester micro mesh, this versatile tent is perfect for even the harshest conditions - so you can make sure your whole crew stays dry and cool no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.
  • 100% waterproof 190T polyester rainfly provides total coverage on all sides, while a heat-seamed thermoplastic coating adds an extra layer of protection against sun and humidity.
  • With strong elastic Nano-flex fiberglass tent poles and double gold chrome plated ferrule hardware, this high-performance NTK big tent provides a robust construction.

Floor Dimensions: 9.8' x 9.8' | Weight: 16.5lbs | Peak Height: 5.7ft

✔ Easy to set up

✔ Durable construction and UPF waterproof fabric

✔ Cooling mesh design for comfort on hot days

✔ Rainfly extends beyond the tent for extra protection

✔ 2 doors for extra ventilation

✖️ Small vestibule

✖️ Weak tent stakes

ALPS Mountaineering Expedition

Best backpacking tent

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Why We Chose

Introducing the ALPS Mountaineering Expedition, the lightest tent on our list. With its sturdy construction, breathable fabric, and dark walls for maximum privacy, you'll be glad you chose this highly reliable structure for your next camping adventure.

Featuring six staking points around the base of the tent and an adjustable rainfly with snap-in clips designed to keep you from getting wet no matter how hard it pours outside. And talk about convenience - this tent takes down easy so when it's time to leave, you won't need to waste precious vacation time packing up!

Plus, when we say "all in one" we mean it - everything fits snuggly into its own storage bag for easy transportation. The saying goes "the more the merrier," but if maximum occupancy is ever a concern, don't worry! This spacious tent can comfortably fit two adults, one child, and all your gear.

The Rundown

  • Experience the ease of setting up your tents with this durable two-pole system made from aluminum and robust clips that quickly snap into place for a secure fit.
  • Polyester tent fly is designed to protect against water and sun damage while providing a spacious two-vestibule storage area.
  • Enjoy the fresh air and easy access with the tent body featuring a mesh roof for optimal ventilation plus two doors equipped with zippered, insect-proof windows.

Floor Dimensions: 8' x 10' | Weight: 12lbs 5oz | Peak Height: 72in

✔ Lightweight aluminum poles

✔ Polyester tent fly is designed to protect against water and sun damage

✔ Optimal ventilation, with two doors equipped with zippered, insect-proof windows

✔ Two vestibule storage area provide lots of storage options

✖️ Weak tent stakes can come loose during strong winds

✖️ Not the most lightweight option for backpacking trips

✖️ Not suitable for winter camping

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Best car camping tent

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Why We Chose

Do you love camping, but worry about not having enough space? Look no further; the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is the perfect choice for your next great outdoor adventure!

This tent offers plenty of room to move around a breeze when opened and total privacy when closed. Setting up only takes 15 minutes with two people, so after a good rest outdoors you'll be ready to explore in no time.

The Big Horn Tent is also designed to keep out the bad weather – even three days of consistent rain on our last trip couldn't get through! Not to mention its strong frame was able to withstand some heavy gusts of wind.

The Rundown

  • Combination of fiberglass poles and steel uprights offers extraordinary levels of strength and stability.
  • With extra height in the center and straight side walls, campers now have plenty of space to store their cots, sleeping bags, and any other vital equipment.
  • Equipped with four large windows, a doorway, and an open mesh roof – allowing for effortless access as well as complete ventilation.
  • Mesh storage pockets, robust polyester fly, and trustworthy guy ropes supplemented by steel stakes – it's not hard to see why campers love this tent.

Floor Dimensions: 8' x 10' | Weight: 21lbs | Peak Height: 84in

✔ Spacious and comfortable

✔ Durable construction

✔ Weatherproof construction

✖️ Heavy

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right 5-Person Tent

When it comes to finding the perfect five-person tent for your camping adventures, there are many factors to consider. This buyer's guide will help you make an informed decision about which five-person tent is best for your needs.

What to Look for in a 5-Person Tent

When selecting a five-person tent, there are several important features to consider in order to find one that meets your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the key elements you should look for when making your selection:

  • Waterproof material: A waterproof tent is essential when camping outdoors and can help keep you dry and comfortable during inclement weather.
  • Size: Make sure to measure the area where you plan to set up your tent and select one that fits within that space while providing enough room for all occupants.
  • Ventilation: If your camping trip will take place in a climate with warm temperatures, be sure to select a tent with good ventilation options so you don’t overheat inside.
  • Set-up time: Some tents require more time and effort than others when setting them up, so make sure to read reviews or watch videos from other users before purchasing in order to get an idea of what is involved with setup.
  • Price: Keep your budget in mind as this can often be a deciding factor. Prices can vary greatly depending on brand and quality, so research multiple products thoroughly before buying.

Types of Tents

When planning your next camping trip, selecting the right type of tent is essential. Here is a guide to three popular types of tents to help you make an informed decision about which one will fit your needs best.

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking tents are great for adventurers who prefer to explore the outdoors on foot, as these lightweight tents can easily be carried on hikes and camping trips.

  • They typically come with two poles and are designed to be easy to set up and take down, so you can focus on enjoying the scenery instead of worrying about setting up camp.

However, backpacking tents may provide less space than other types and often lack features such as built-in storage pockets or vents.

Cabin Tents

Cabin-style tents are the perfect choice for larger groups who need more interior space while camping.

  • These spacious structures offer plenty of headroom, allowing all occupants to stand up comfortably inside.
  • Many cabin tents also come with additional features such as E-ports for easy access to electrical cords or integrated vestibules which provide extra storage space and a sheltered area for getting in/out without having to open the main door every time.

These types of tents tend to be heavier and more challenging to set up than backpacking options, making them better suited for car camping trips or other situations where weight isn’t an issue.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are ideal for those looking for an easy setup process combined with adequate space.

  • This type typically uses just two or three poles which connect at their top points by a crossbar, providing both security in windy conditions as well as additional stability when compared to traditional two-pole designs like backpacking models.
  • Dome tents also tend to have good ventilation and aerodynamic capabilities thanks in part to their shape, making them suitable for use during hot summer months or windy conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my chosen tent is big enough?

Before buying a five-person tent, make sure to measure out the area where you will be setting up your tent and check the dimensions of the model you are considering against this space.

In addition, read online reviews from other users who have purchased or used similar models in order to get an idea of how much room they provide once set up.

Are single-wall tents as good as double-wall tents?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on your needs and preferences.

Single-wall tents are lighter and more compact than double-wall tents, so if you're looking for a convenient lightweight option, then single-wall tents may be the way to go.

On the flip side, double wall tents provide better protection from the elements because they have both an outer rainfly and an inner pitched tent body - providing two layers of protection against wind, rain, and snow.

So if you need extra durability in harsh weather conditions or plan on camping in wintery conditions, then you should probably opt for a double wall tent instead.

It's important to consider all factors when deciding between a single or double wall tent - convenience vs. protection; weight vs. durability; solo person use vs multi-person use - as they will determine which type of tent is best suited for you and your particular camping situation.

Ultimately though, whether it's single or double-walled doesn't matter too much as long as it meets all your needs!

Is there anything else I need besides my 5 person tent?

Yes, there are other items needed for camping such as sleeping bags, air mattresses/pads, storage bins/containers for food/gear, cooking supplies (stove + fuel), camp chairs/stools, etc., extra tarps or a tent footprint for ground cover/rain protection etc., lighting options (e.g flashlights & lanterns).

Where are the best places to buy a tent?

When looking for the perfect five-person tent, one of the best places to start your search is online. Retailers such as Amazon, REI Co Op, and Backcountry offer a wide selection of models to choose from at different price points.

In addition, many camping stores will also have a selection of tents available if you prefer to make your purchase in person. With all of these options, you should easily be able to find the right tent for your needs.

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