Best Bivy Tent

Best Bivy Tent: Unleash Your Inner Explorer!

Need an easy-to-assemble, safe, and lightweight shelter for your next outdoor getaway. Our curated list of bivy tents will help you decide.

Ready for the best camping experience of your life? Investing in a quality bivy tent is essential for any camping trip.

Bivy tents provide a lightweight and compact design that can be set up quickly - perfect for those who don’t have time to spare setting up their campsite!

And with so many feature-packed options on the market, it has never been easier to find the perfect bivy tent to suit your needs.

You won't miss out on any creature comforts either, as these bivy tents are designed with comfort and durability in mind.

Plus, they're made from high-quality materials that are sure to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions. So now you can camp with confidence no matter where your adventures take you!

How We Picked

It can be tough to pick the perfect bivy tent for your next camping trip.

With all of the different brands and models on the market, how can you be sure that you're making the right choice?

Not only do you have to worry about what type of bivy tent to buy, but you also need to consider things like size, weight, and features. And if that's not enough, you then have to read through all of the customer reviews to get an idea of what other people thought about the product.

We've done all of the hard work for you. After hours upon hours of research, we've compiled a list of the best bivy tents out there - each one hand-picked and tested by our team here at Official Rundown.

So whether you're a beginner camper or an experienced outdoorsman, we've got just the right bivy tent for you.

Disclosure: We only recommend things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. Using one of our referral links might give us a small commission which helps support this website at no additional cost to you. If you’d like to learn more check out our disclaimer page.

Outdoor Research Alpine AscentShell Bivy

Best for winter backpacking

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Why We Chose

Introducing the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy: your ideal companion if you’re looking to take your outdoor experience up a notch.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just getting started, this bivy comes with plenty of features that make it the perfect companion for any wilderness excursion.

Not only does it keep you warm and dry during those chilly winter nights in the desert, but also helps reduce bulk and weight so you can enjoy being more agile during your adventure.

That's why we recommend it for experienced veterans and rookies alike - either way, you’ll be able to enjoy an all-around great outdoor experience!

The Outdoor Research Helium Bivy is also a great option if this one is out of stock. But doesn't have the breathability that this one provides.

The Rundown

Stay light and dry on your mountaineering ascents with the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and durability.

With Pertex fabric and breathable AscentShell technology in a lightweight package - you can enjoy fast-paced alpine trips without compromise.

40D nylon and 100% polyester mesh topped off with a protective TPU lamination.

Waterproof breathable technology seals out wetness while no-see-um mesh keeps you from seeing (or feeling) those pesky critters! Plus, it's fully seam taped for a snug fit that won't let water in.

Dimensions: 83" x 28" x 20" | Weight: 18.6 oz | Material: Nylon/Polyester

✔ Lightweight

✔ Waterproof and breathable

✔ Fully seam taped for weather protection

✔ No-see-um mesh keeps out pesky insects

✖️ Experienced some condensation build-up

Canvas Cutter Dominator 2.0

Best canvas bivy tent

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Why We Chose

Are you a wild outdoorsman on the hunt for something to guarantee a good night's sleep?

Look no further than the Canvas Cutter Dominator 2.0 Bivy Tent.

Designed to give adventurers like you an experience that’s even better than your own bed at home, this tent is packed with features sure to delight even the most demanding of outfitters.

With ample room, portability, and waterproof features that can withstand torrential rain, you’ll never have to worry about comfort or staying dry again!

Have peace of mind knowing that the Dominator 2.0 has your back in times where it counts the most. As one satisfied customer put it:

"Left out my canvas cutter in pouring rain on a hunt and came back to camp to all my bedding being bone dry. Worth every penny!"

So don't wait - pick up this must-have for any adventure today and make sure that next trip removes all chances of sleepless nights!

The Rundown

  • 14.5oz Canvas has been specially treated to keep water and mildew at bay, while the Breathable Polyurethane coating on the inside seals in superior resistance.
  • Keep the elements out with double-stitched and taped seams.
  • Easily set up or roll away in a flash with three quick-release buckles with durable nylon straps, as well as an effortless to carry handle.
  • Four zippered sliders; perfect for regulating airflow, temperature, and your choice of entry.

Dimensions: 84" x 34" x 17" | Weight: 8.65lb | Material: Canvas

✔ Highly durable and waterproof

✔ Breathable polyurethane coating on the inside

✔ Double-stitched and taped seams

✔ Four zippered sliders for regulating airflow

✖️ Heavy and bulky

✖️ Expensive

Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent

Best for summer

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Why We Chose

Are you a dedicated backpacker looking for the perfect tent to take into the wilderness? Look no further than the Winterial Single-Person Personal Bivy Tent!

This lightweight, collapsible tent is designed for hikers who want to cut down on their pack weight without compromising their quality or comfort.

It’s constructed of highly durable materials that can stand up to just about any obstacle nature throws at it—protecting you from the elements so you can focus on your adventure with peace of mind.

And once your journey is complete, this compact tent is easy to pack up and take home with you. From setting up camp in less than 10 minutes to enjoying some rest under its cozy waterproof shell, this personal bivy tent won't let you down.

The Rundown

  • Ruggedly durable structure comes complete with an insulated rainfly to keep you sheltered from unexpected downpours or colder temperatures.
  • Installation is as simple as installing two aluminum poles and staking down the corners — you'll be ready for sweet dreams in just 5 minutes.
  • Inside you'll find an internal pocket perfect for storing small items like flashlights or your phone.
  • And don't forget about its reliable metal poles framework and stakes that guarantee stability through any storms nature throws at it.

Dimensions: 90" x 38" x 28" | Weight: 2lbs 9oz | Material: Polyester

✔ Lightweight

✔ Easy to set up in less than 10 minutes

✔ Internal pocket for small items

✔ Metal poles framework and stakes ensure stability

✖️ Smaller size may not be comfortable for taller people

GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent

Best for more headroom

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Why We Chose

This innovative little tent's maximum inner space packs a lot of punch despite being so petite, offering all sorts of adventure experiences that are comfortable enough for even big guys like us.

Plus it's incredibly light, making it easy to set up and stow away.

Of course, it's not perfect — the stuff sack isn't the best we've seen, but since most ultralight tents come without one you can easily pick up a more durable replacement.

But don't worry, the floor material and waterproof material are more than ready to stand up to whatever weather conditions you might encounter while wild camping. Just make sure not to forget your footprint — it'll be essential in ensuring your outdoor adventures go as smoothly as possible!

For a bivy tent that won't break your bank account and won't weigh you down either, go with GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent. You won't regret it!

The Rundown

  • Waterproof materials, tape-sealed seams, and a PU 2500mm outer fly ensure you'll stay dry even during downpours.
  • Sleep in comfort with two ventilation windows and doors that provide cool airflow inside the tent.
  • With an extra vestibule for storage, your gear will be securely stowed away.
  • With its two-pole frame, you can go from packing to pitching in less than ten minutes - all thanks to the no-tools required design.

Dimensions: 84" x 39" x 36" | Weight: 3.3lbs | Material: Polyester

✔ Lightweight and easy to transport

✔ Taped seams and PU 2500mm outer fly for waterproof protection

✔ Two ventilation windows provide cool air flow inside the tent

✔ Extra vestibule for storage

✖️ Stuff sack is not durable

MSR Quick-Pitch Waterproof Pro Bivy Emergency Shelter

Best ultralight bivy sack

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Why We Choose

If you’re looking for a roomy bivy shelter that stands up to even the most extreme weather, then the MSR Quick-Pitch Waterproof Pro Bivy Emergency Shelter is your answer!

This robust shelter has nearly impenetrable materials that provide superb protection from rain, wind, and moisture.

In the event of an emergency, you'll want to be protected. That's why emergency bivy sacks are designed with thinner materials for just such occasions.

And you won't have to worry about condensation-- it stays perfectly dry on the inside thanks to innovative design elements.

It's also incredibly easy to use-- just “pitch” it in less than a minute without extra hardware or poles. Plus, you'll love its super spacious interior so you can move around with ease.

The Rundown

  • Take on technical alpine routes at lightning speed with this unit, weighing in it a mere 10 ounces.
  • Weatherproof fabric that's breathable and helps combat condensation.
  • Xtreme Shield waterproof coating - this incredibly durable solution lasts up to three times longer than traditional coatings.
  • Versatility and convenience are at the forefront of this bivy, which provides a snug refuge even in those hard-to-reach places where traditional tents simply won't fit.

Dimensions: 88" x 36" | Weight: 10oz | Material: Nylon

✔ Lightweight and easy to transport

✔ Breathable fabric prevents condensation

✔ Most minimalist setups you can get

✖️ No zipper closure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bivy tent?

A bivy tent is a type of lightweight, temporary shelter that is often used by campers and hikers who are looking for an easy way to set up a shelter in a hurry.

It's similar to a traditional tent in that it provides protection from the elements, but with an added benefit: you can have it up and ready to go much faster than its more conventional counterpart.

These types of tents offer great value when it comes to weight savings over traditional models – especially when hiking through rugged terrain or carrying your gear on foot for extended periods of time.

The average weight for most 1-person bivy tents ranges from 2 lb (907 g) all the way down to about 1 lb (454g).

That's why many experienced hikers prefer this type over other large camping-style options because it helps reduce their overall carrying weight significantly without sacrificing too much comfort or convenience in exchange for this benefit.

What is a bivy bag?

A bivy bag (short for bivouac bag) is an all-in-one shelter made of lightweight and waterproof materials, designed to provide you with both a low profile and great protection in extreme environments.

It's essentially like having a tent without the extra fabric of the walls – making it much lighter, easier to set up or take down when needed, and far more compact.

Bivy bags were originally designed for mountaineers who wanted something that could protect them from inclement weather but also be very versatile when it came to climbing mountains.

By having a single sleeping system that was incredibly light yet provided plenty of protection from wind, snow, and rain, climbers wouldn’t need to worry about carrying bulky tents up treacherous trail faces; making their ascent significantly less strenuous.

Today these compact shelters are used by everyone from backpackers looking for an ultra-lightweight sleep system to adventurers who want something they can trust when exploring the elements in different climates and conditions - whether it be deserts or high elevations.

Modern bivy bags come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs including ones with poles attached as well as other features such as bug netting or interior pockets that make them even more functional than ever before!

What is a bivy sack?

A bivy sack is a type of lightweight, waterproof shelter designed for use in the outdoors.

The best bivy sacks are typically made from breathable and water-resistant fabrics like nylon or polyester, with the main function being to provide an extra layer of protection against wet weather elements while camping or backpacking.

Bivy sacks can even be used as a stand-alone shelter in certain conditions. They are typically very lightweight and easy to set up.

If you’re looking for a waterproof bivy sack, there are lots of options on the market that have been designed with specialized materials to keep you dry in the backcountry. They usually come with a waterproof bottom and air-permeable upper walls, so you can stay well-protected but still have good ventilation.

When it comes to lightweight bivy sacks, there are several models that offer minimal weight while still providing excellent protection and comfort. High-quality bivy sack materials like nylon or silicon-coated ripstop fabrics are usually used to help keep the weight down and increase durability.

For those seeking a more robust backcountry bivy sack, heavier materials like Gore-Tex can offer superior protection against wind and water along with better thermal insulation for colder temperatures.

Is a bivy better than a tent?

A bivy and a tent both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it really boils down to personal preference!

A bivy is usually a much simpler setup than a traditional tent. It's just one piece of fabric (or two pieces for winter), which makes for an incredibly lightweight shelter that can easily fit into your pack.

There are some drawbacks to using a bivy.

  • Bivies offer little ventilation and condensation can easily build up inside due to your body heat while sleeping.
  • Bivies aren't very roomy; you have enough space for yourself but not anything else like clothes or backpacks - which means less privacy if you're camping with large groups/families!
  • Many people also find them claustrophobic due to their limited size/shape options as well as being so close to nature without any physical barriers from wildlife around them (in comparison with tents).

Tents on the other hand allow more ventilation than bivies.

  • Tents are also great for more private camping situations and generally come in wider varieties of shapes/sizes depending on your needs.
  • Tents are roomier than bivies-- allowing enough space not only for multiple people but also all necessary extras like backpacks & clothing too!

Is a bivy warmer than a tent?

The simple answer to this question is yes, a bivy is generally warmer than a tent. In fact, many long-distance hikers and campers opt for the superior warmth offered by bivies over tents.

Bivies are much smaller than tents and provide room only for sleeping. This means that less heat is lost through any gaps or openings as there aren’t many of them in a bivy! As such, your body heat can stay trapped inside; providing you with additional insulation from external temperatures.

What are the advantages of a bivy tent?

Bivy tents are lightweight and compact, making them an extremely convenient option for those looking to get out into the great outdoors.

Space-Saving & Lightweight: Bivy tents are incredibly lightweight and easy to pack up when it's time to move on to their next location. Ideal for extended backpacking or camping trips where you may need to carry your gear with you over long distances.

Quick Set Up & Take Down: Bivies can be set up quickly — usually in minutes — giving adventurers more time to take in the scenery or enjoy other outdoor activities without having spent too much time fussing with setup details like pitching poles and attaching fly sheets.

What is the disadvantage of a bivy tent?

The main disadvantage is that they are not as roomy and comfortable as traditional camping tents.

  • Bivy tents have a very small interior space, so they can only fit one person in them at once.
  • Because of their size, bivy tents also don’t provide much in terms of headroom and elbow room; most people find themselves sitting hunched up inside.
  • Bivy tents are also more prone to condensation than larger camping tents due to the lack of ventilation caused by their smaller size.
  • Many people feel slightly claustrophobic when sleeping in these shelters.

Do you need a tarp with a bivy?

Having a tarp with your bivy is highly recommended! A tarp can provide additional weather protection, as well as added privacy while you're in the outdoors. It also offers some insulation properties by keeping the ground cooler during warm nights and trapping heat on cold ones.

Do you need a sleeping mat for a bivy?

Absolutely! Depending on the type of bivy you’re using and how you intend to use it, a sleeping mat can be an important part of making your camping experience more comfortable.

Even if you’re just planning on spending one night in your bivy, having something to cushion and insulate you from the ground below can make all the difference between a restful night of sleep or not.

Do you use a sleeping bag with a bivy?

Yes, a sleeping bag and bivy combination is an excellent way to maximize your sleep comfort while camping.

Can you use a bivy in the rain?

Absolutely! Bivy shelters are great for when you’re backpacking, camping and wild-camping in the rain. In fact, they’re an incredibly lightweight option that is perfect for wet weather conditions.

Do you need a ground sheet for a bivy?

Yes, a ground sheet for a bivy is an essential piece of outdoor gear. Not only does it provide added protection from the elements, but it can also increase the longevity and durability of your bivy.

Generally speaking, most modern bivies come with some sort of integrated waterproof floor or bottom layer – this should be enough to keep you mostly dry in light rain or mist.

However, a ground sheet will give you additional protection against moisture seeping up through the ground as well as dirt and debris that may collect inside your bivy during extended stays in the wild. It's like insurance for your sleeping bag and other camping gear.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that bivy tenting can be an unforgettable experience. From the list above, you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

Whether you're a minimalist looking for a lightweight shelter that can keep you warm when the temperatures drop or just enjoying a unique way to get close to nature, there's something here for everyone.

Don't forget: comfort, convenience, and safety should always be taken into account when selecting a bivy tent!

Now that you have all the tips and resources for finding the best bivy tent on the market- go out and take on your next adventure with confidence.

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