Best Budget Trekking Poles

5 Best Budget Trekking Poles To Take You To New Heights!

Whether you're a pro or just starting out on your adventures, get the best budget trekking poles to take you to new heights.

Are you looking for a quality set of trekking poles but don't want to break the bank? Look no further!

In this article, we will discuss some of the best budget trekking poles on the market. We'll go over what makes each pole a great option for hikers of all levels and why they might be perfect for your next outdoor excursion.

So whether you're just getting started in hiking or are an experienced trekker looking for an affordable option, read on for the best budget trekking poles!

Each of these poles offers incredible value for the price. Every trekking pole on our list is around $60 or less. If you're looking to save money without sacrificing quality, then one of these budget-friendly options is sure to fit your needs.

How We Picked

Buying a good set of trekking poles can be expensive, and it's hard to know which ones are worth the investment.

Most people think that you have to spend a lot of money on a good set of trekking poles, but that's not always the case. You can find some great budget-friendly options if you know what to buy.

We've done the research for you and found the best budget trekking poles out there. Not only are they affordable, but they're also durable and high quality.

Disclosure: We only recommend things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. Using one of our referral links might give us a small commission which helps support this website at no additional cost to you. If you’d like to learn more check out our disclaimer page.

Black Diamond Trail Explorer 3 Trek Poles

Best for light everyday hiking

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Why We Chose

The Black Diamond Trail Explorer 3 Trek Poles are perfect for fitness walking or the occasional trail exploration! The lightweight aluminum construction is sure to keep you on your feet, but won't hold you back since it's ultra-durable for any terrain.

We know what you're thinking: why spend extra money if you're not an avid hiker? Well, these poles offer a price point that can't be beat; it gives you quality without breaking the bank. And who knows - maybe with these poles, you'll get the urge to explore and take a detour from your daily walking route!

The Rundown

Take your day hiking and backpacking to the next level with Black Diamond Trail Explorer trekking poles —ideal for providing reliable support on outdoor adventures.

  • Sold in pairs, these lightweight and reliable trekking poles offer three-section aluminum shafts along with Dual FlickLock adjustability for the perfect fit.
  • Enjoy comfort while exploring nature with low-profile baskets and a convenient webbing strap.

Material: Aluminum | Weight(pair): 18.7 oz | Fully Extended Length: 51 in

✔ Easy to adjust

✔ Strong and durable

✔ Adjustable strap

✖️ No snow baskets included

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Best four-season trekking pole

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Why We Chose

Introducing TrailBuddy Trekking poles - your must-have companion for any adventure! This updated version has threaded rubber feet to offer superior stability and will not move, even when put under extraordinary pressure.

Easily assembles and disassembles, allowing you to get hiking right away! And that’s not all – there are tons of cool accessories like bags, different tips (including mud!), plus cork handles – so you’re all set no matter the conditions!

Whether it’s adjusting your poles quickly or moving snakes out of the path…TrailBuddy Trekking Poles make it worry-free. Get yours today – you won’t want to conquer wild trails without them!

The Rundown

Lightweight and resilient - these telescoping poles are perfect for an adventurous day in the hills!

  • Constructed with aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, they're tough enough to tackle any terrain while weighing less than a feather.
  • Dial in your ideal height in mere seconds, from a towering 54" all the way down to 24.5".
  • Lever lock technology makes it easy to operate your walking stick with just one hand – even in the toughest conditions.
  • Padded straps and moisture-wicking cork handles mold perfectly to your palm for an unbeatable, secure grip.

Material: Aluminum | Weight(pair): 19.4 oz | Fully Extended Length: 54 in

✔ Easy to adjust with lever locks

✔ Padded straps

✔ Cork grip

✔ Includes accessories

✔ Variety of colors

✖️ Some users complain of levers being difficult at first use

Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Best lightweight trekking poles

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Why We Chose

Looking for trekking poles that will get you through any hike, no matter the terrain? Look no further than Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles.

Guaranteed to be your steady sidekicks, these lightweight and shock-absorbent poles can take a beating even on the most challenging of trails.

The perfect companions if you're ever adventuring in Patagonia – a customer tested these pole-winners against 50+ miles of muddy streams, steep rocky trails, and snow-covered ground.

The Rundown

The carbon fiber shafts of these ultra-light and shock-absorbent hiking sticks are perfect for taking on those challenging hikes or backpacking trips.

  • Incredibly sturdy and durable, they weigh just 7.6 oz so you can move quickly while minimizing wear & tear on your joints.

Foxelli hiking poles make outdoor adventures a snap, with quick-lock technology that provides effortless adjustment and ultimate stability in seconds.

  • Retracting from 24” to 55", the adjustable nature of these walking poles accommodates all shapes & sizes.
  • These trekking pole grips are made of cork to absorb sweat and moisture while the adjustable extended EVA foam sleeves ensure maximum comfort even in rocky terrain.

Material: Carbon Fiber | Weight(pair): 15.2 oz | Fully Extended Length: 55 in

✔ Cork grips

✔ Long length

✔ Lightweight

✔ Includes accessories for 4 seasons

✖️ More vibration than aluminum poles

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

Best overall trekking poles

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Why We Chose

Trekking is a challenging activity, so skilled adventurers know that having the right tools for the journey can make all the difference.

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles are light as a feather – and we mean it!

These ultra-lightweight poles are crafted from lightweight Carbon Fiber and come with helpful attachments for scrambling over rugged terrain.

We were shocked when we opened our Amazon box to find two sleek and high-quality poles that felt nearly weightless. We thought there had been a mistake, but nope – these poles have got us through miles of tough trails without weighing us down.

The Rundown

These carbon fiber poles are the perfect blend of lightweight convenience and high-quality strength.

  • At only 7.8 ounces each you can now enjoy maximum strength and support during your expeditions, without having to worry about packing on extra bulk.
  • Simple and reliable design lets you adjust its height from 26”- 54"
  • Experience the ultimate comfort as you navigate ever-changing terrain with cork grips. Not only do they absorb sweat for a worry-free journey, but also feature extended EVA and adjustable wrist straps to reduce vibration and ensure easy transitions.
  • Full kit features snow and sand/mud baskets, rubber boot tips, a trekking pole clip, plus an easy-to-use carry bag.

Material: Carbon Fiber | Weight(pair): 15.2 oz | Fully Extended Length: 55 in

✔ Comfortable cork grips

✔ Lightweight

✔ Comes with extra accessories for 4 season use

✖️ Mud baskets aren't very secure

TheFitLife Collapsible Trekking Poles

Best collapsible trekking poles

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Why We Chose

Introducing TheFitLife Collapsible Trekking Poles! With these cleverly designed poles, you can experience trailblazing like never before.

Fully adjustable so you get the ideal height to fit your movement style, these poles fold up into a convenient carrying bag for easy storage in your car or backpack.

Their weight and quality make them perfect for long hikes no matter the terrain. All you need to do is attach the rubber, mud, or snow feet accordingly – we suggest using mud feet for loose, wet trails.

The Rundown

Hiking shouldn't be uncomfortable - and with the ergonomic EVA foam handle, it won't have to be.

  • Designed for maximum comfort, absorbing sweat while keeping your hands snug thanks to adjustable wrist straps. You'll never experience fatigue or soreness no matter what switchbacks or terrain changes come your way.
  • Folding trekking poles are designed to fit into almost any backpack or luggage, while an extra waterproof PVC fabric package keeps them secure and protected.

Crafted from lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy. Designed to withstand pressure, shock, and reduce joint stress - so you can navigate tricky terrain in confidence.

  • Plus its metal lever lock & hidden button locking mechanism will ensure your stability along the way.

Material: Aluminum | Weight(pair): 18.8 oz | Fully Extended Length: 53 in

✔ Collapses down to 14.6 inches

✔ Lever lock system

✔ Extended grip for extra comfort when switching hands

✖️ Rubber tips wear out quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if trekking poles are for you?

If you're not sure if trekking poles are for you, then you're not alone. Many people are hesitant to try out this type of gear but with good reason! There are a lot of misconceptions about trekking poles.

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about trekking poles to help clear things up. Once you read these FAQs, we think you'll be ready to give them a try!

Do trekking poles really make a difference?

Absolutely! Trekking poles are invaluable pieces of gear. They can help give you stability when walking on uneven terrain, like dirt trails and rocks. 

Additionally, trekking poles can provide you with better balance when dealing with slippery surfaces or sloped terrain.

When it comes to the physical benefit of using trekking poles, they help to reduce pressure on your back and knees by taking some of the load off your legs and transferring it to your arms which in turn helps reduce fatigue overall.

  • This is especially important on steep descents because gravity will put more strain on joints without proper support from a set of trekking poles.

In addition to reducing strain, using trekking poles also has psychological benefits as well since having them in both hands gives a sense of mental stability and confidence that can come in handy during challenging hikes where every step counts for something.

  • Also, if one slips or makes a wrong move – like missing a step – he/she will have less chance at doing any damage due to the increased support from the Trekking Poles.

Is it good to walk with trekking poles?

Yes, walking with trekking poles can help you enjoy your outdoor walks and hikes even more. When used properly, trekking poles provide several key benefits that can make your journey more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe.

Walking with trekking poles helps improve balance and stability while walking on uneven terrain or over slippery surfaces like rocks or snow.

The two-legged approach of the poles taking some of your weight also relieves pressure on your joints making it easier to walk for longer periods of time if you’re out on a long trail or have physical limitations.

Furthermore, having an extra set of legs gives the user better control over their speed setting which is especially helpful when traveling downhill as well as in snowy conditions where brakes come in handy.

Is it better to hike with one pole or two?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of hiking you plan to do. Hiking with one pole or two can have different benefits depending on your specific needs and situation.

  • One key thing to consider is the terrain - certain trails will benefit more from using one pole, while other trails might be better with two poles.
  • For most casual weekend hikes, a single trekking pole may suffice as long as you don't need extra stability or balance.
  • Having only one of these poles can help lighten your load and make it easier for maneuverability over easy terrain.
  • One-pole hiking also allows for additional mobility and freedom; you don't need to worry about holding onto two poles at once so your hands are free to explore, take pictures, eat snacks, etc!

On the other hand, having two poles while walking through rocky or hard terrain can come in very handy as they provide both increased stability and balance which is essential when walking longer distances over more challenging surfaces.

  • Two trekking poles also make it easier for us to maintain our rhythm by giving us something else to focus on besides just our feet hitting the ground--this means we could potentially move faster than if we were just relying on four limbs alone!
  • Additionally, if there's an incline then having a pair of trekking poles becomes even more beneficial since they reduce stress placed on our lower body (especially legs).
  • Plus if you're carrying a heavy pack then two sticks can provide additional support.

Ultimately it boils down to personal preference and activity planned:

  • If going out for short hikes/walks - use 1 stick.
  • For extended backpacking trips - go ahead with 2 sticks.
  • And if tackling hard/rocky terrains - grab yourself some sturdy & reliable set of 2 trekking poles!

Do trekking poles help knees?

Yes, trekking poles are a great way to protect your knees and reduce the risk of injury while trekking.

The primary benefit of using trekking poles is that they help you maintain your balance while hiking and navigating rough terrain.

By transferring some of your body weight to the poles, they support you as you make each step, reducing the impact on your joints and helping you stay upright even when traversing steep or uneven ground. This helps lessen the strain on your legs, hips, ankles, feet, and most importantly – knees!

Do trekking poles tone arms?

Yes, trekking poles can definitely help tone your arms! While most people think of walking with a pair of poles as primarily a leg workout to build strength and endurance, those poles are also helping to work out your upper body.

  • In fact, researchers have found that mountain hikers who use trekking poles expend 20% more energy than when hiking without them.

The reason for this is that you’re engaging your muscles in the arms and shoulders by using the poles as well as stabilizing yourself on uneven terrain.

  • When you swing each pole in an alternating fashion while trekking (which is known as Nordic Walking), it strengthens the muscles in both your upper and lower arm through a combined resistance-cardiovascular workout.
  • This helps sculpt toned biceps and triceps without having to do any additional arm exercises at the gym.

What length should my trekking pole be?

Choosing the right length trekking pole can make a huge difference in terms of your overall comfort and safety while hiking or trekking. Generally speaking, the ideal length for a trekking pole is determined by your height.

  • To get an accurate measurement, stand up straight and extend your arm out directly to the side.
  • Measure from the ground to that point at which your wrist meets your hand (known as “heel-to-wrist”).
  • Then subtract 10 cm (4 inches) from that number - this will give you an approximate value for what would be considered a good overall length for you personally.

Do trekking poles damage trails?

No, trekking poles do not damage trails. In fact, they can help prevent damage to trails and are actually encouraged by trail maintenance organizations like the American Hiking Society due to their ability to reduce impact on trails and provide stability in difficult terrain.

The primary benefit that trekking poles provide is a reduction of impact on the trail when used properly.

  • Trekking poles act as shock absorbers for your body weight, reducing the force with which your feet hit the ground. This helps limit erosion over time from heavy foot traffic.

Additionally, trekking poles offer stabilization during steep climbs or descents; this removes some pressure from hikers’ legs and helps them maintain balance while eliminating opportunities for slips or falls that could cause greater damage to vulnerable areas of a trail such as switchbacks or eroded gullies.

Finally, properly-used trekking poles lessen the compaction of soils along heavily trafficked routes that could also lead to erosion over time if left unchecked.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, these are the best trekking poles for around $60 or less. We hope we were able to help you find the perfect hiking pole for your next big adventure.

Click one of our links to find the best budget hiking poles for you. And don't forget, always practice Leave No Trace principles when hiking and backpacking!

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