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Whether you're a beginner camper or an experienced outdoorsman, we'll help you find the best camp griddle for your needs.

Interested in finding the best camp griddle?

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 different griddles that are perfect for camping trips.

We'll talk about the features of each griddle and help you find the perfect one for your budget!

Whether you're a beginner camper or an experienced outdoorsman, we have the perfect griddle for you!

How We Picked

Best Camp Griddle

Trying to cook a meal while camping can be difficult, especially if you're not used to cooking over an open flame.

Not only is it difficult to cook a good meal while camping, but it can also be dangerous. You don't want to end up with food poisoning because you didn't have the proper equipment.

We've got you covered with our selection of camp griddles. From small and compact griddles that are perfect for tailgating to large griddles that are great for feeding a crowd, we have the right one for you.

These griddles are made from durable materials that can withstand even the harshest conditions, and they come with a variety of features that will make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Best camping grill griddle combo

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Why We Chose

This game-changing flat top is equipped with four quick-heating burners and traditional grill grates, making it a two-in-one device. With a large capacity, the Camp Chef Grill opens up the possibility for you to feed a crowd in minutes.

With its wide range of capabilities, it can even prepare all manner of dishes including tacos, cheese steaks, quesadillas, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and fried rice so you can whip up dinner with ease.

The low-maintenance flat top design means you will be able to clean quickly and effortlessly too - no more needing multiple pans and skillets while cooking anymore.

The Rundown

In 1990, Ty Measom sought to revolutionize outdoor cooking with a powerful and portable product. After months of creative effort, the Camp Chef stove was born - transforming the industry's standard forevermore.

  • Dual-function griddle and grill combo offers a True Seasoned Surface that's non-stick and ready to go, so you can start cooking right away!
  • Make clean-up easy with a top-of-the-line grease management system. Featuring a tray, catch bucket and griddle levelers that can be micro-adjusted for perfect placement every time.
  • Four 12,000 BTU/Hr. stainless steel burners, designed for reliability and convenience with a matchless ignition system.
  • Generous cooking surface of 1105 sq. in., offering plenty of space to cook for the whole family or entertain friends.
  • Its dimensions are 62.5" 37" x 22", weighing 142 lbs, allowing it to fit into any available outdoor area without being too cumbersome.

Cooking Surface: 1105 sq. in. | Dimensions: 62.5" 37" x 22" | Materials: Cold rolled steel griddle | Output: 48,000 BTUs | Weight: 142 lbs


βœ” Grill and griddle combo

βœ” Large cooking surface

βœ” 12,000 BTU burner output


βœ–οΈ Some users griddle tops warped

βœ–οΈ Not very portable at 142 lbs

Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle

Best griddle overall

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Why We Chose

This innovative piece of outdoor gear is perfect for anyone who loves bringing four-star meals to their next tailgate party or beach day outing.

It's designed with portability and convenience in mind, so you can easily disassemble it and pack up without having to bring any extra tools.

The large knobs on the screws make it easy to take apart, while the legs have a handy latch that fastens them shut for transport.

The unique flat-top construction allows for an even cooking surface that's sure to get your mouth watering!

Enjoy delicious meals cooked with precision and power on the Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle – your own small kitchen in the great outdoors!

The Rundown

This griddle provides a generous 470sq inches of flat-top cooking space - ideal for preparing all your favorite meals, from breakfast to dinner.

  • Enjoy the convenience of a bottom shelf and two side shelves that provide plenty of room to store ingredients or pre-prepare dishes such as quesadillas, steak, grilled cheese sandwiches, and more!
  • Features an easy start, and battery-powered ignition for hassle-free cooking.
  • Take your griddle from backyard BBQs to campfire feasts with its removable top, foldable legs, and two handy wheels.

Size: 44.5"D x 19.5"W x 33.5"H | Cook Area: 470 sq in | Material: Powder Coated Alloy Steel/Frame Stainless Steel | Output: 34,000 BTUs | Weight: 69lbs


βœ” Folds up for portability

βœ” Bottom storage shelf

βœ” Side prep shelf


βœ–οΈ Not the best for cold temperatures

Camp Chef Explorer

Best dual stove and griddle combo

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Why We Chose

The Camp Chef Explorer is a reliable and advanced stove that can help you create delicious meals easily, wherever your adventures take you.

With two burners, this portable unit has an impressive heat output that can deliver powerful results. With the easy-to-use temperature controls, you can adjust the settings to get the perfect range of heat for specialty dishes or just everyday cooking.

The Camp Chef Explorer promises superior performance in outdoor cooking and with its portability and durability as well, no outdoor kitchen task is too demanding!

The Rundown

Take your culinary adventures to the next level with this highly durable, cast-aluminum burner stove.

  • Features two 30,000 BTU burners and adjustable heat control dials for complete flexibility when cooking.
  • Three-sided windscreen ensures that the flame is protected from gusty winds.
  • Removable/adjustable legs for easy storage or set up on an uneven ground surface.
  • Regulator and 3 ft hose are included if desired for use with bulk propane tanks – providing unbeatable versatility.

Cooking Area: 14" x 32"/448 sq. in. | Output: 60,000 BTU | Material: Cast Aluminum | Weight: 36 lbs.


βœ” High BTU Output

βœ” Windscreen

βœ” Packable


βœ–οΈ Legs could be more stable

Blackstone Griddle

Best portable camping griddle

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Why We Chose

This Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is one of the most popular options for portable camping griddles.

This two-burner griddle is perfect for camping trips or home use, the Blackstone delivers with its heavy gauge top and uniform cooking temperature.

Lightweight competitors don't stand up - this one is heavier due to its premium construction, allowing different temperatures on each side of the surface. It cooks great every time!

The Rundown

Make outdoor cooking easy and enjoyable with this portable camping griddle – perfect for a backyard barbecue or taking along on your next fishing trip.

  • With its portability and versatility, you can make the most of any social event - from tailgating parties to poolside gatherings!
  • 339 square inches of cooking space and 24,000 BTUs of heat power, you can whip up meals like eggs, hash browns, and French toast.
  • Equipped with two "H" style burners delivering even heat distribution, you can control the intensity and temperature of each burner independently.
  • Easily ignite your cooking experience thanks to built-in igniters included in both burners.
  • Comes equipped with a rear grease trap that effortlessly captures oil and other juices from bacon or any of your favorite meats.

Cooking Area: 339 sq in/22 in | Dimensions: β€Ž22.5"D x 19"W x 9"H | Output: 24,000 BTUs | Material: Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel Frame | Weight: 32 lbs


βœ” Compact size

βœ” Even heat distribution

βœ” Easy to clean


βœ–οΈ Users report slightly warped top

Lodge Double Play Reversible Grill/Griddle

Best camping griddle accessory

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Why We Chose

If you're looking for the perfect addition to your two-burner camping stove, the Lodge is sure to become one of your favorite pieces.

This cast iron griddle is as durable as it is user-friendly. Cast iron cooking has many advantages, such as superior heat distribution and unbeatable durability – this is one piece of cookware that will last you quite a long time.

With proper seasoning, it can be used to cook anything without worry of wear or rusting. Perfect for searing, sautΓ©ing, frying, baking and more!

The Rundown

Achieve professional-level cooking results with the Lodge Double Play Reversible Grill & Griddle.

  • Smooth side gives you superior control over your grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes.
  • Ribbed surface grills steak, fish, chicken, and hamburgers like a pro.
  • Use it in the oven, on the stove, over a grill, or campfire - natural seasoning provides an easy release and gets better with time.

Weight: 8 Pounds | Materials: Cast Iron | Dimensions: 16.75"L x 9.5"W x 0.63"H


βœ” Can be used on existing stoves

βœ” Inexpensive

βœ” Lasts a lifetime


βœ–οΈ Requires high-heat

Frequently Asked Questions

sausage and bacon cooking on a griddle

Can you put a griddle on a camp stove?

You can put a griddle on a camp stove, but you'll want to use a high-output burner.

Most camp stoves have one or two high-output burners, and these are the ones you'll want to use for cooking things like pancakes and eggs.

Is a griddle or grill better for camping?

There's no definitive answer, as both have their own pros and cons.

A griddle is good for cooking large quantities of food evenly, while a grill is better for cooking things like steaks or chicken breasts that need to be browned on the outside.

If you're going camping with just a few people, I would recommend taking a grill rather than a griddle.

But if you're going camping with a large group of people, I would recommend taking a griddle so that everyone can cook their food at the same time.

Are outdoor griddles worth it?

They can be, but it depends on what you're using them for.

If you want to make pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches, then an outdoor griddle is a great option because it heats up more evenly than a regular frying pan and it's big enough to cook multiple items at once.

However, if you're looking to use your griddle for things like steak or chicken, then I would recommend sticking with a regular grill instead because those tend to produce better results.

Do griddles use a lot of propane?

It depends on the griddle. If it's a small one, then it probably won't use very much propane. But if it's a large commercial griddle, then it will use quite a bit.

That said, most people probably won't burn through very much propane in a year, so it's not really that big of a deal.

Why does food taste better on a griddle?

When you cook food on a griddle, the hot surface quickly seals in the juices and flavors, which gives the food a delicious grilled taste.

Additionally, the fat that drips off the food will help to lubricate the griddle, which makes it easier to flip and turn the food.

Can steaks be cooked on a griddle?

Yes, you can cook steaks on a griddle. However, it's important to make sure that the griddle is properly heated before adding the steaks.

The best way to do this is to heat the griddle until it's very hot, then add a little oil and wait until it's hot enough that the oil starts to smoke. Then, add the steaks and cook them for about 3 minutes per side.

Do you oil griddle before cooking?

It depends on what you're cooking. If you're cooking something like pancakes, yes, you should oil the griddle before adding the batter.

But if you're cooking something like bacon, no, you shouldn't oil the griddle because the bacon will release its own fat as it cooks.

Why are Blackstone griddles so popular?

Blackstone griddles are popular because they're versatile and durable. They can be used for a variety of cooking methods, from pancakes and eggs to burgers and bacon.

And unlike other griddles, Blackstone griddles are made with heavy-duty materials that make them durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Can you cook raw meat on a griddle?

Yes, you can cook raw meat on a griddle. I recommend using a non-stick griddle if you have one, and heating the griddle before adding the meat. You can also use cooking spray or a small amount of oil to help prevent the meat from sticking.

What meats are good to cook on a griddle?

Griddle cooking is a great way to cook meats because it gives them a nice crust and seals in the juices. The most popular meats to cook on a griddle are steaks, hamburgers, and chicken breasts.

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