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Best Tent Stove | Say Goodbye to Chilly Nights!

Need a tent stove for those cold winter camping trips. No more shivering by the fire trying to stay warm, with these bad boys.

Are you looking for a new way to stay warm while camping this winter?

For many years, propane stoves have been the go-to option for campers.

However, I'm a huge fan of wood-burning stoves and find them to be superior. You'll feel like you've traveled back in time to the old pioneer days when using one of these.

Tent stoves are a must-have accessory for camping in the colder months. They not only keep you warm, but they also cook your food and boil your water.

There are many different types of wood-burning tent stoves on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will review some of the best tent stoves available and help you choose the one that is perfect for your needs!

With a tent stove, you'll be able to camp in comfort all winter long. Not only will you stay warm and dry, but you'll also have a hot meal waiting for you at the end of the day. We reviewed 5 different stoves, so choose the perfect one for your needs.

How We Picked

It can be hard to find the right tent stove for your needs. You might not know what features to look for, or you might not know how to use a tent stove safely.

Not only is it difficult to find the right tent stove, but it can also be dangerous if you don't choose the right one. Many people have suffered from burns and other injuries because they didn't do their research before purchasing a stove.

We've done all of the hard work for you. We've read thousands of reviews and selected only the best stoves on the market so that you can be sure to find one that meets your needs. Plus, we provide safety tips and advice on how to use your new stove so that you can stay warm and cook your food all night long.

Disclosure: We only recommend things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. Using one of our referral links might give us a small commission which helps support this website at no additional cost to you. If you’d like to learn more check out our disclaimer page.

WINNERWELL Nomad View Large Tent Stove

Best tent stove overall

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Why We Chose

The WINNERWELL Nomad View is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. This premium wood stove allows you to heat up a spacious tent with its powerful and efficient design – one user even melted a chocolate candy bar from 15 feet away.

The Nomad View is made of lightweight, durable stainless steel that can withstand intense heat without the risk of damage. Even at full capacity, the glass remains intact and barely warping with only a slight wave seen by close examination.

Its adjustable damper control enables you to sense the level of heat generated and regulate flames accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about overheating your space.

Whether you’re camping on chilly nights or trying out longer-term tent living, invest in the WINNERWELL Nomad View for a heating system you can trust.

The Rundown

Built to last, the 304 stainless steel precision construction on this product will stand against the harshest outdoor elements.

  • Enjoy a clear view of your fire with a glass door and side glass viewing windows.
  • Highly portable design features a nesting 4-leg setup that cleverly folds flat under the stove.
  • With chimney pipe sections that stow conveniently inside its 34 lb body.
  • Side shelves double as carry handles for added ease and efficiency.

Dimensions: 18” x 25” x 108” | Weight: 34 lbs  |  Material: 304 stainless steel

✔ Puts out a lot of heat

✔ Stainless steel

✔ Includes spark arrestor

✔ Side windows

✖️ Expensive

DANCHEL OUTDOOR TSG 100% Titanium Wood Burning Stove with Side Window

Best tent stove for backpacking

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Why We Chose

The DANCHEL OUTDOOR TSG, is the best backpacking tent stove on our list for those cold winter months.

Designed to be lightweight and convenient to carry, this stove comes with a handy carrying bag with all necessary components for set up packed away inside.

Setting up the stove is easy and requires minimal help. The chimney of the TSG is long, reaching just shy of 8', providing superior functionality and ensuring even heat distribution during use.

Keep your stove secure in windy conditions by tying down the chimney with paracord and any available rings provided. Don’t let small gaps in the pipe when rolled up worry you; they will not emit smoke during use so there’s no need to seal them over with fire tape.

The wide, sturdy legs contribute to superior stability, providing excellent support even in strong gusts of wind; however, if needed be sure to tie down the chimney in order to ensure that your stove is completely secure while cooking.

In case this one is out of stock, check out the Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Tent Stove. This one is just as good if not better, but I felt the premium price just wasn't worth it when comparing the two.

The Rundown

  • Crafted with a titanium alloy that's 0.024 inches thin and ultra-durable.
  • Ultralight and portable, this 6.63lb camping stove is ideal for solo hot tent trekkers - with all parts easily fitting into a convenient carrying bag.
  • Control the intensity of your wood-burning fire with ease thanks to oversized throttle holes in the door, preventing sparks from splashing out and protecting your tent.
  • Deformation resistant damper ensures long-lasting durability while adjustable guy lines add extra stability for a secure setup.

Dimensions: 15.1 x 8.7 x 11.3 in | Weight: 6.63 lbs | Material: Titanium

✔ Lightweight

✔ Compact

✔ Sturdy & stable H-folding legs

✖️ Metal is sharp, need to wear gloves when folding

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Best wood burning tent stove for car camping

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Why We Chose

This rugged, sturdy stove offers quality materials and construction that make it an ideal companion for camping trips.

The Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove is designed using high-quality materials that withstand intense heat and prolonged exposure to the elements. With a reliable door seal, you can control the flow of air in order to maintain the optimal level of warmth and reduce smoke.

Plus, this dependable stove is an efficient source of heat, helping you keep warm with minimal fuel usage at an affordable price point. Whether you’re cooking or just need a little extra heat for those chilly evenings outdoors, this wood-burning stove will take care of your needs no matter what adventure life takes you on.

The Rundown

This portable wood stove is perfect for your outdoor adventures! Not only does it provide warmth, but you can also cook up bacon and eggs or heat food on the top platform.

  • Featuring a galvanized steel firebox and strong cast iron front door complete with air vents for optimal heat control, this sturdy piece of equipment is sure to provide years of use.
  • Its five interlocking pipes and detachable legs create a compact design that fits conveniently inside itself.

Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 13 in | Weight: ‎42.4  lbs | Material: Cast Iron

✔ Good value

✔ Simple design, not much to go wrong

✔ Heats up nicely

✔ Large cooking surface

✖️ Inconsistent build quality

✖️ Users complain of warping

OneTigris Tiger Roar Tent Wood Stove

Best heat producing tent stove

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Why We Chose

The OneTigris Tiger Roar Tent Stove is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. Constructed with top-of-the-line materials and designed for maximum efficiency and durability, this stove is sure to keep your tent warm in even the coldest of conditions.

It features a convenient setup with pre-drilled holes and secure installation points. An adjustable damper allows you to control the amount of heat generated so you can control the heat output.

The product comes efficiently packaged with everything you need for easy installation. You can trust that this reliable product will provide safe, consistent heat so you can rest comfortably at night and enjoy your time outdoors without any worries.

The Rundown

  • Air intake system design significantly increases efficiency and safety; with an optimally divided airflow, to ensure complete combustion while controlling speed. It also prevents external hazards like carbon or sparks.
  • Utilizing stainless steel its body has been constructed from 304 stainless steel for added durability.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX glass-ceramic fire viewing panel provides unparalleled safety and protection in the face of extreme temperatures - withstanding blazing short-term heat up to 760°C, as well as wide temperature fluctuations and thermal shocks.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 17.3 x 10.6 in | Weight: ‎21.2  lbs | Material: 304 Stainless Steel

✔ Produces hot coals

✔ Stainless steel construction

✔ Extra glass window included

✖️ Only one viewing window

HOPUBUY Wood Stove Hot Tent Stove

Best bang for your buck

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Why We Chose

Whether you’re a weekend camper or an avid explorer, the HOPUBUY Wood Stove Hot Tent Stove is your perfect wilderness companion – and we guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Lightweight and easy to pack, this handy little stove fits perfectly into the corner of your tent, so all those chilly nights spent under the stars will now be filled with warmth and comfort.

And because all the stove pipes fit nicely inside the stove, it packs up nicely. But what I like most is the pleasing glass door which lights up beautifully in the night.

Just throw some kindling into the firebox, sit back and relax – and trust me, you won’t want to take your eyes away from the mesmerizing flames. If there was ever a piece of camping equipment worth buying…this is it!

The Rundown

Need to make camping even more enjoyable? Check out this top-of-the-line stove! This rugged stainless steel unit is built for years of use.

  • With 7 adjustable chimney pipes so you can get the perfect ventilation no matter how tall your tent.
  • Plus, a special mat keeps smoke from getting in, and an ash scraper keeps the pipes clean.
  • A 304 stainless steel frame plus high temperature-resistant coating for extra protection from the elements.
  • Easy to transport – just fold up its sides into a convenient carrying handle.

Dimensions: 11.02 x 13.18 x 12.20  in | Weight: 15.4  lbs | Material: 304 Stainless Steel

✔ Small and lightweight

✔ Warming shelves on the sides

✔ Shelves double as carrying handles

✖️ Doesn't have a spark arrestor

Frequently Asked Questions

Tent Wood Stoves FAQs

How well do tent stoves work?

Tent stoves work great! I've used one on many camping trips and it's a really convenient way to cook food and keep you warm without having to use the campfire.

The main benefit of using a tent stove is that you can use it inside your tent, which means you don't have to brave the cold night air to cook your dinner.

How warm does a tent stove keep a tent?

It depends on the size of the stove and the size of the tent. A small, stove might only warm up a 3-person tent by a few degrees, while a larger, more powerful model could heat up a 10-person tent by dozens of degrees.

Is a camping tent stove worth it?

Tent stoves are definitely worth it! Not only do they provide a convenient way to cook your food while camping, but they also heat up your tent on those chilly nights.

Are tent stoves safe?

Yes, tent stoves are safe as long as you take the necessary precautions.

First and foremost, never leave a burning stove unattended. Secondly, always make sure the tent stove is placed on a stable surface that can withstand the heat. And finally, always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a tent stove.

Why is a camp stove better than a wood fire?

A camp stove is better than a wood fire because it's more efficient and produces less pollution.

A camp stove converts fuel to heat more efficiently than a wood fire, so you use less fuel and produce less pollution.

Additionally, a camp stove is easier to control than a wood fire, so you can cook your food more evenly.

Can you put a stove in a regular tent?

It is definitely possible to put a stove in a regular tent. However, you'll need to take some safety precautions to prevent the tent from catching on fire.

One option is to use a stove that has a built-in safety feature that will shut off the gas if the flame goes out. Another option is to place the stove on a metal plate or tray that will catch any sparks or flames that may escape from the stove.

Finally, always make sure that the tent is well-ventilated when cooking inside of it, and never leave the stove unattended.

How do I keep my tent stove burning all night?

Make sure to have plenty of fuel on hand, and keep the stove well-maintained.

Stove maintenance is key to keeping your stove burning all night. Be sure to clean the stove regularly, and check for any broken or missing parts.

You should also always have plenty of fuel on hand, in case you need to refuel during the night.

Can you sleep with a wood stove in a tent?

Yes, you can sleep with a wood stove in a tent as long as it is an approved model and you take the necessary safety precautions.

Wood stoves are a great way to heat your tent and keep warm on colder camping trips, but it's important to make sure to use one made for tents. These types will always have a pipe to ventilate the smoke out of the tent.

Bottom Line

After all that reading you must be exhausted, and rightfully so. We know how important it is to make the right purchase when deciding on a tent stove.

With all of the options available, it can seem like an impossible task, but don't worry we've done all the work for you and found the best ones out there.

Be sure to check out our links for the one that best fits your needs, because once you do you'll be sure to stay warm when the temperature drops!

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