Best Thrower Flashlight

Best Thrower Flashlight: Get Ready to Glow!

Light up your life with the best thrower flashlights on the market. Our complete list has something for everyone, so find the perfect one for you.

Need a powerful flashlight for your next camping trip?

Thrower flashlights are the perfect choice for the great outdoors. Not only do they emit a bright beam of light that can penetrate even the darkest environments, but they also have long-range capabilities that make it easy to explore deeper into unknown areas.

On top of all this, these flashlights come equipped with advanced features like adjustable settings and memory functions so you can always find what you’re looking for in any situation.

With one of these powerful throwers, you won't have to worry about stumbling around in complete darkness should things take an unexpected turn while adventuring through nature's wonderlands! Even navigate during power outages or other emergencies when regular lighting isn't available.

How We Picked

It's hard to know which flashlight is the best for your needs. With all of the different brands and models on the market, how can you be sure you're getting a quality product?

Not all long-range flashlights are created equal. In fact, most of them are pretty terrible. They have low lumens, no adjustable settings, and don't remember your preferences from one use to the next.

Our selection of thrower flashlights has everything you need. We've chosen products with high lumens that also feature adjustable settings and memory functions. Plus, we only recommend long-range LED flashlights from reputable brands that have a history of producing quality products.

Disclosure: We only recommend things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. Using one of our referral links might give us a small commission which helps support this website at no additional cost to you. If you’d like to learn more check out our disclaimer page.

OLIGHT Marauder 2 Rechargeable Flashlight

Best overall

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Why We Chose

There's no need to fear the dark anymore with the OLIGHT Marauder 2 Rechargeable Flashlight! This light packs a powerful punch; with an unbelievable maximum of 14,000 lumens, it will make night into day - you'll never be stumbling in the dark again.

Tested and made to last; designed with your safety and convenience in mind, this is the brightest flashlight on our list and has everything you need. It's easy to set up and operate, while its superior construction ensures exceptional durability.

And you don't even need to worry about replacing batteries - thanks to its rechargeable battery technology, you're sure to enjoy bright illumination every time.

Get your hands on this innovative flashlight today and you won't regret it - because when it comes to lighting up the night, the OLIGHT Marauder 2 Rechargeable Flashlight is out of this world!

The Rundown

Enjoy powerful and versatile lighting capability in a single package with this advanced spotlight.

  • Its central LED offers an 800-meter maximum beam distance, while 12 surrounding LEDs deliver 14000 lumens in floodlight mode.
  • Powered by its built-in 54Wh rechargeable battery pack for up to 59 hours of use.
  • With twice the speed of other chargers, this device has the capability to charge your phone in a flash and power up any USB-C gadget.
  • A thermal sensor keeps things cool, a proximity guard provides protection against obstruction and cooling fins optimize operations—setting it apart from other models in its class.

Max Lumens: 14,000 | Max Runtime: 40 hours (Floodlight), 59 hours (Spotlight) | Beam Distance: 800m | Weight: 26.5oz | Waterproof Rating: IPX8


✔ Bright beam of light with a maximum of 14,000 lumens

✔ Adjustable settings and memory functions

✔ Rechargeable battery technology with up to 59 hours of use

✔ Built-in thermal sensor and proximity guard for protection against obstruction

✔ Ability to use as a power bank


✖️ Pricey compared to other models in its class

✖️ Battery not replaceable, so you must always rely on recharging

ThruNite TN42 V2 SBT90.2 LED Searchlight

Best for search and rescue

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Why We Chose

Ready for an illuminating experience? Look no further than the ThruNite TN42 V2 SBT90.2 LED Searchlight! This is not your average flashlight; it’s for those who want to take their night vision to the next level.

The impressive reflector and maximum output of 4,848 lumens guarantee a beam that is tight, detailed, and super bright.

Whether you’re camping, going fishing, or broadcasting your message in a dark corner of the world…the ThruNite will have you covered with its durable construction and long-lasting battery life. This light isn't for casual flashlight users - if high-power lights are your thing then this one's definitely for you!

The Rundown

The next-generation TN42 V2 is equipped to take search and rescue operations to the extreme.

  • Boasting an unprecedented 4848 lumens from its SBT90.2 LED, visibility has been pushed a whopping 16% farther than ever before - up all the way to 1,860 meters!
  • The included rechargeable battery will give you an extra power boost, delivering up to 180 days of non-stop performance in firefly mode after a full charge!
  • Battery level indication feature will let you know how much juice is left and when it's time for a recharge.
  • Three power levels, plus firefly, turbo, and strobe modes - there are endless possibilities to conquer any target in darkness.

Max Lumens: 4,848 | Max Runtime: 3 hours (High), 180 hours (Firefly) | Beam Distance: 1,860m | Weight: 28oz | Waterproof Rating: IPX8


✔ 180 days of non-stop performance in firefly mode

✔ Power level indication feature to easily know when is time for a recharge

✔ Multiple modes and power levels for endless possibilities


✖️ Controls can be cumbersome

Nitecore P30i 2000 Lumen 1093 Yard Ultra Long Throw

Best compact flashlight

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Why We Chose

Are you looking for a flashlight that has the intense power of a lightsaber? Your search ends with the Nitecore P30i 2000 Lumen 1093 Yard Ultra Long Throw.

This incredible compact tool might have a small size, but you could easily light up an entire stadium with its extreme throw capability - making it perfect for those wanting to save the galaxy from imminent doom (or just search for misplaced car keys).

But don't be fooled by size: this powerful flashlight is still small enough to hold comfortably in one hand, and is equipped with a range of features such as five brightness levels and two special modes that make it great for everyday use.

It's also constructed from durable aluminum alloy and comes with an IP68 rating, so it can withstand any elements you may encounter on your adventures.

The Rundown

  • With its staggering 2000 lumens of illumination and a beam throw that can reach as far as 1093 yards, the P30i is truly a force to be reckoned with. Take it hunting, searching or exploring - there's nothing this powerhouse won't make possible!
  • Power up with USB-C! This product features fast and protected recharging through a convenient USB-C port, allowing you to keep your light on for longer.
  • With its robust aero-grade aluminum alloy frame and IP68 waterproof plus a 1m impact-resistant rating, this product is designed to last.

Max Lumens: 2,000 | Max Runtime: 1.5 hours ( High), 100 hours (ECO setting) | Beam Distance: 1,000m | Weight: 9oz | Waterproof Rating: IP68


✔ Powerful throw capability of up to 1093 yards

✔ USB-C port for fast and protected recharging

✔ Robust aero-grade aluminium alloy frame with IP68 waterproof rating

✔ Lightweight and comfortable one-hand operation


✖️ No power level indication feature

✖️ Tail cap switch is not reliable in extreme conditions

ACEBEAM L19 2.0 Tactical Flashlight 1422 Yards

Best for self defense

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Why We Chose

Looking for a flashlight guaranteed to turn the lights out? Look no further than the ACEBEAM L19 2.0 Tactical Flashlight 1422 Yards – this advanced flashlight has enough power to blind and disorient someone with just one beam!

Perfect for security sweeps, its ‘insane’ throw and candela provide the ultimate in illuminating precision.

Complete your night-vision visualization by shoving this light in someone’s eyes while simultaneously pulling out your heat – they won’t see a gun…just a blinding white light instead!

The Rundown

With the L19, you get a surprisingly hefty throw for such an easily pocketable aluminum body.

  • Take your pick of white or green LED and reap rewards up to 1300 meters – perfect when it comes time to scout out the night during hunts!
  • All modes are within easy reach with one click via its tactical tail switch; turbo mode and strobe included.
  • Upgraded LED core technology, it lights the way up to an astounding 1300m with 1650 lumens of brightness. Never worry about darkness again!

Max Lumens: 1,520 | Max Runtime: 1.5 hours ( High), 47 hours (Low) | Beam Distance: 1,300m | Weight: 6.9oz | Waterproof Rating: IPX8


✔ Long range throw distance of 1300 meters

✔ Tactical tail switch for easy one-click mode access

✔ IPX8 waterproof rating ensures dependable protection against water damage

✔ Strobe feature can be used for self-defense


✖️ Long and bulky

Fenix HT18 1500 Lumen 1011 Yards

Best for hunting

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Why We Chose

The Fenix HT18 1500 Lumen 1011 Yards lives up to its reputation as the THROW machine. You can't go wrong with this powerful and versatile tool that's ready to light up the night when you need it most.

And though it's a bit too bulky to carry in confined spaces, it comes into its own at longer distances of 50-500 feet. Its focused beam has minimal spill, so your night vision won't be reduced by stray light pollution.

The first time you power it up, you'll really feel like you're wielding a lightsaber! Our Flashy Friend Deputy Sheriff felt the same way - he saw what this awesome torch could do and ordered one immediately.

Sure, the grip finish isn't ideal (we would personally prefer some aggressive knurling!) but it will get the job done without fail, just like Fenix always does.

Get your hands on this truly incredible piece of tech from Fenix today and join the ranks of all those who marvel at its power!

The Rundown

With the Fenix HT18, you'll be able to spot your prey from up to a mile away in any conditions.

  • Its powerful 1500-lumen output gives hunters unprecedented clarity and long-range vision - perfect for stalking game at sunrise or sunset.
  • Get ready to take on the wild, with four adjustable illumination levels and two color filter adapters. This handy tool can help you tackle any night hunting task - from coyote calling to rounding up hogs!
  • With IP68 waterproofing and a reliable aluminum body, the HT18 is designed to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at it - no matter how severe.

Max Lumens: 1,500 | Max Runtime: 1 hour 40min (Turbo), 61 hours (Low) | Beam Distance: 925m | Weight: 7.76oz | Waterproof Rating: IP68


✔ Four adjustable illumination levels and two color filters

✔ IP68 waterproof rating

✔ High-quality aluminum body is built to last

✔ Impressive maximum light output of 1500 lumens


✖️ Some light spill

Buyers Guide to Thrower Flashlights

Thrower flashlights are an essential tool for anyone who needs a powerful and long-distance beam of light.

They are designed to be used in situations where the user needs a super bright light to illuminate objects that are far away, such as during search and rescue operations, hunting, or camping.

Thrower flashlights have a specialized reflector design that allows them to focus the beam of light into a tight, long-distance beam.

How is a thrower flashlight different from a regular flashlight?

Unlike regular flashlights, thrower flashlights have a specialized reflector design that focuses the beam of light into a tight, long-distance beam.

This makes them ideal for illuminating objects at great distances.

Additionally, long-distance flashlights typically have higher lumen outputs than regular flashlights, allowing them to produce brighter beams of light intensity over greater distances.

What are the benefits of using a thrower flashlight?

The main benefit of using a long-throw flashlight is its ability to illuminate objects at great distances with its focused light beam.

This makes it ideal for search and rescue operations, hunting trips, camping trips, and other activities where you need to see far-away objects clearly.

Additionally, long-throw flashlights typically have higher lumen outputs than regular flashlights which can be beneficial in certain situations such as self-defense or security operations.

How do I choose the right thrower flashlight for me?

When choosing the right thrower flashlight for you there are several factors you should consider such as battery type (rechargeable or disposable), lumen output (the brighter the better), size (small enough to fit in your pocket), and price (the more features you want the more expensive it will be).

You should also consider what type of activities you plan on using it for so that you can choose one with features tailored towards those activities.

In most cases tactical flashlights are legal but there may be restrictions depending on where you live so it’s important to check your local laws before purchasing one.

Some states may require special permits or licenses in order to carry certain types of tactical flashlights so make sure you read up on your state’s laws before buying one.

How many lumens do you need for self-defense?

The amount of lumens needed for self-defense depends on several factors such as your environment and how far away your attacker is from you but generally speaking anything above 500 lumens should be sufficient enough to temporarily blind an attacker if needed.

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