Best Survival Tent

Best Survival Tent | Even Bear Grylls Would Approve!

Ready to face whatever comes your way? Check out our guide of the five best survival tents on the market!

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the perfect survival tent?

We know that when you’re out in nature, having the right gear is essential. That's why we've put together a guide featuring five of the best survival tents on the market today.

Each one has features that make it perfect for your next adventure, and they all provide impeccable protection from the elements.

Whether you need something light but durable or something bigger to fit two, our list has got you covered! You can rest assured knowing that no matter what tent you choose, it will keep you warm and safe while camping in even the harshest environments.

How We Picked

It's no secret that a good survival tent is key to a successful camping trip, but with so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

Not all tents are created equal. You need a tent that is lightweight and easy to transport, but also sturdy and waterproof. And if you're looking for a tent that's going to save your life, you're going to have even more choices to make.

We've done the hard work for you and selected five of the best survival tents on the market. Whether you're looking for something barebones as a backup shelter or something you can use as a minimalist tent setup we've got you.

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Go Time Gear Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter

Best for a backup tent

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Why We Chose

Introducing Go Time Gear Life Tent - the wilderness-ready emergency shelter that's big enough to provide life-saving protection, but small enough to fit easily in your backpack!

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a prepper, this portable survival shelter is the perfect piece of safety gear to have on hand when you’re miles away from civilization.

The lightweight tent folds up neatly into a surprisingly small package, so you won't feel weighed down during your next excursion. Plus, its strong fabric and waterproof design will keep products dry even in the heaviest of storms. Go Time Gear Life Tent offers essential protection wherever you go — making it the ultimate lifesaver for unexpected weather changes!

The Rundown

  • This high-quality two-person tent protects from wind, rain, and snow with a tear/puncture-resistant PET mylar exterior that reflects 90% of your body heat-- keeping you warm in any situation.
  • This lightweight and compact kit packs away fast, fitting into a stuff sack that's just 5.25” x 3.25", yet it will protect you from winter weather without weighing your bag down — all at an incredibly light 8.7oz!
  • Includes both a 120-decibel whistle that can alert rescuers up to 1 mile away, as well as a 550-pound Para-Synch drawstring rope perfect for tying down or repairing backpacking supplies.
  • Set it up quickly and easily between two trees, or wrap it around yourself as a lightweight sleeping bag alternative to keep you snug in unexpected situations.


✔ Lightweight and compact

✔ Durable PET mylar exterior

✔ Includes both a 120-decibel whistle and 550-pound Para-Synch rope

✔ Easy to setup between two trees


✖️ Only good for one-time use

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

Best for bad weather protection

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Why We Chose

When it comes time to hunker down for the night, there's only one tarp you need - the FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp Tent!

This is a fantastic survival tent built with tough nylon and twice the seams of other tarps, this bad boy can weather whatever elements get thrown at it. Need proof?

Tested over and over in 25-40mph gales with gusts up to 60 mph, and it was still holding strong! We mean it when we say, nothing will break through.

Plus, thanks to its lightweight 3lb frame and handy pouch carrying bag, you can take it whenever adventure calls.

The Rundown

  • 210T ripstop polyester fabric shelters offer durable protection, boasting a 2500 PU waterproof rating and tear & puncture-resistant properties.
  • Thanks to heat sealing and melting processes that ensure water penetration is never an issue.
  • Reinforced ridgeline seams prevent connectors from falling off for superior defense against harsh stormy weather.
  • 118" × 126" tarp has plenty of coverage for two campers and easily folds up into a lightweight stuff sack when not in use.
  • Despite its 1.2kg (42oz) weight, the fabric used provides maximum value and comfort that makes it easy to carry around.


✔ Comes with stakes and guylines

✔ Durable 210T ripstop polyester fabric

✔ 2500 PU waterproof rating and tear & puncture-resistant properties

✔ Reinforced ridgeline seams

✔ Multiple uses


✖️ Heavy for a survival item

Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

Best blanket style shelter

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Why We Chose

Are you looking for a reliable way to keep warm and dry during inclement weather? Look no further than the Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket!

This ultra-thick tarp is perfect for all kinds of activities, whether you’re in need of an emergency shelter on the mountain, a sun shade by the beach, or even just a convenient way to stay dry during bad weather.

And thanks to its strong tie downs and sturdy material, you can depend on it staying in place when it matters most. Plus, it comes at a great price – you won’t find better value for your money!

So what are you waiting for? With the Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket, there’s never any reason to get caught out in the cold – or heat.

The Rundown

  • Camping, hunting or boating? Be prepared for the unexpected with a handy tarp that doubles as an emergency blanket! Keep one in your car to get you out of any jam – no matter how far away from civilization.
  • Lifesaver in any situation! With its Mylar reflective side, it can help retain heat and even be used as an emergency signal.
  • While the other side is crafted with two layers of waterproof polypropylene – enabling you to use it outdoors as a tarp or shelter while keeping warm & dry.
  • Perfect companion for any adventure - lightweight and compact, it fits snugly in its own bag.
  • Measures a generous 60" x 82", offering plenty of coverage when you need respite from chilly weather.


✔ Lightweight and compact

✔ Can be used as an emergency shelter, sun shade, and signal

✔ Fits snugly in its own storage bag

✔ Generous 60" x 82" size


✖️ Would be useful if there were more than 4 grommets

Don't Die in the Woods Survival Tent • 2-Person Mylar Emergency Shelter

Best for a bug-out bag

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Why We Chose

Designed to be as durable as possible, this ultra-light tent won't weigh you down. It's branded as the toughest mylar emergency tent in the world, made from strong Mylar material, and comes with paracord included for an extra security measure.

And don't worry about packing it away! This tent also comes with a nice case, so you can store it away in a place that won't take up too much room.

Don't be fooled by its size - this is one tough tent! No matter how extreme your journey may take you, from through hikers to everyday adventurers, this tent ensures that you stay safe and sound when the elements start to wreak havoc.

Plus, it only weighs a few ounces, so you can have peace of mind while staying light on your feet.

The Rundown

  • Crafted with NASA’s high-performance mylar material — the toughest on Earth – this tent offers up to 90% heat reflection capabilities no matter what weather you encounter out there in nature's wilds.
  • This survival tube tent is the ideal outdoor companion - lightweight at only 8.5 oz, but with unbeatable strength thanks to 425-lb paracord and reinforced tape seams for long-lasting durability & protection from the elements.
  • Can double as an emergency sleeping bag when camping solo on open terrain.


✔ Lightweight and portable

✔ Made from strong Mylar material

✔ 90% heat reflection capabilities

✔ Can double as an emergency sleeping bag


✖️ Best for one person and some gear

Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

Best for two-person survival tent

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Why We Chose

Whether you're camping, hiking, mountaineering, or river exploring - you'll be ready for anything with this amazing piece of survival gear!

This emergency sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm in any environment and save your life if needed. Use it as a ground cover or sleeping bag liner when extreme weather strikes - no more huddling underneath rocks for warmth ever again!

The lightweight and easy-to-fold material makes it super easy to carry around yet still durable enough to protect you from the harsh elements of nature. For anyone who loves being outdoors, this is a must-have item!

The Rundown

  • Originally crafted by NASA, the Emergency Shelter Tube Tent reflects and retains 90% of body heat - a must-have for your emergency safety kit.
  • 8ft x 5ft survival tent, easily set up in just three steps and designed to fit two adults.
  • The 20 ft rope included makes setup a breeze – weighing less than 10 oz., you’ll never feel weighed down.
  • Engineered for maximum resilience, extra-thick mylar is much stronger and more flexible than your average shelter. Its 425lb strength paracord & reinforced taped seams guarantee a reliable refuge.


✔ Lightweight and portable

✔ 90% heat reflection capabilities

✔ 20 ft rope included for easy setup

✔ Extra-thick mylar is strong and flexible


✖️ Stuff sack prone to tearing

How to Choose the Best Survival Tent

Are you looking for a great survival tent, but don’t know where to start? We placed emphasis on emergency tents as a supplemental option to regular tents.

An adequate survival tent is imperative for any intrepid explorer, although with the sheer volume of options available, it can be perplexing to decide which one is right for you.

Fortunately, this buyer’s guide will walk you through some of the key considerations when choosing a survival tent so that you make the best decision possible.

Winter Tents

If you’re an avid winter camper or mountaineer, then you'll want a reliable winter tent that can stand up to the elements.

  • Look for tents made from robust materials with strong poles and reinforced seams to stay warm and dry in cold weather conditions.
  • It's also important to consider snow load capacity, ventilation - to prevent moisture build-up inside - and sturdy stakes to secure your shelter in harsh winds.

Emergency Tents

In this article, we review a type of tent that is perfect for emergency situations and disasters. By having one ready in advance, you can be prepared to face anything life throws at you!

Emergency tents come in handy when you need quick protection from extreme weather or other environmental hazards. Quick-assembly shelters are ideal since they require minimal setup time and provide instant relief if a storm hits without warning.

Rain Flys

When selecting your survival tent look for one that includes a well-constructed rain fly (which attaches over your tent).

  • This layer of protection creates extra insulation against rainwater seeping into your shelter and keeps your gear dry during inclement weather.
  • Make sure the rain fly covers all sides of the tent – including the bottom – for maximum coverage.

Budget Survival Tents

When considering which type of shelter works best for you, focus on function over form with solid construction and superior waterproofing capabilities as top priorities.

  • Some survival tents offer higher-end features such as separate vestibules, zippered windows, and built-in drainage systems while others are more budget-friendly but still provide adequate protection against wind and precipitation.
  • Calculate how much weight capacity each model offers so that you don't get stranded anywhere due to worn-down poles or too little space for people (and pets!) sleeping inside the shelter.

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