Camping Dessert Ideas

Ultimate List Of Drool-Worthy Camping Dessert Ideas!

Discover a variety of camping dessert ideas, from classic s'mores to grilled fruit, and elevate your outdoor adventures with these tasty treats!

Oh, weary camper! You've spent all day hiking, swimming, and embracing the great outdoors, but now it's time to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Fear not, for we bring you a smorgasbord of scrumptious camping dessert ideas to make your trip even more memorable. I have tried many recipes over the years and these are my favorite camping desserts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Easy Camping Desserts


Camping Dessert Ideas - Smores

Ah, s'mores, the quintessential classic camping dessert. Why mess with perfection? Gather around the fire and let's get toasty!

  • Ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers (or try swapping out the chocolate with peanut butter cups, Rolo's, or adding Nutella for a twist!)
  • Marshmallow Roasting Tips: Keep those marshmallows turning for an even, golden-brown roast, or go for the quick char if you like 'em crispy!

Campfire Banana Boats

Camping Dessert Ideas - Banana Boats

Set sail on a sea of deliciousness with these simple, customizable banana boats.

  • Ingredients: bananas, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows (or mix it up with caramel bits, peanut butter, or crushed cookies)
  • Preparation & Cooking: Slice the banana lengthwise (but don't peel it!), stuff it with your chosen treats, wrap it in foil, and cook over the campfire for about 5-10 minutes. Voilà!
Campfire Banana Boats 9 Ways
Learn how to make campfire banana boats: a classic camping dessert and beloved campfire tradition. Plus 9 creative banana boat topping combinations!

Fruit Skewers

Camping Dessert Ideas - Fruit Skewers

Looking for a healthier option? These fruit skewers will hit the spot without weighing you down.

  • Fruit Combo Ideas: strawberries, pineapple, grapes, melon, kiwi, and more!
  • Optional Dipping Sauces: dark chocolate, yogurt, or honey

No-Bake Cookies

Camping Dessert Ideas - No Bake Cookies

For those who crave a cookie without the hassle of baking, we present the no-bake cookie!

  • Recipe Ideas: peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate (or combine them all for a triple threat!)
  • Storage Tips: Keep your cookies in an airtight container to maintain their freshness during your camping adventure.
No Bake Cookies {Perfect Every Time!} - Cooking Classy
The best no bake cookies! A super fast, super easy to make recipe with chewy oatmeal, rich cocoa and creamy peanut butter. Always a favorite!

Camping Desserts That Require Minimal Cooking

Grilled Fruit

Camping Dessert Ideas - Grilled Fruit

Who said fruit couldn't be fancy? Give your taste buds a twist with this unique take on a traditional fruit dessert.

  • Best Fruits for Grilling: pineapple, peaches, plums, and even watermelon (trust us!)
  • Grilling Tips: Lightly oil the grill, use medium heat, and flip once those beautiful grill marks appear. Voila, you're a fruit-grilling master!
How to Grill Fruit (2 different ways!) | Ambitious Kitchen
Learn how to grill fruit two different ways to enjoy all summer! Enjoy as-is or with a honey yogurt drizzle for the best treat or snack.

Dutch Oven Cobbler

Camping Dessert Ideas - Dutch Oven Cobbler

Nothing warms the soul quite like a Dutch oven apple cobbler after a day of outdoor adventure.

  • Flavor Combos: fruit (peach, apple, or berry), chocolate, or mix it up with a s'mores-inspired version
  • Preparation & Cooking: Layer your ingredients in a greased Dutch oven, cover, and cook over hot coals for 20-30 minutes. Let the cobbler cool before diving in!
Easy Dutch Oven Cobbler
The easiest 4-ingredient summer fruit cobbler baked in a camp dutch oven. Boxed cake mix? Whipped cream in a can? These are things that I almost never use, almost never buy, and almost never even

Campfire Donuts

Camping Dessert Ideas - Campfire Donuts

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some interactive dessert-making fun with campfire donuts!

  • Ingredients & Supplies: canned biscuit dough, cooking oil, sugar, cinnamon, and a deep campfire-safe pan
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Heat oil in the pan over the fire, carefully place dough circles in the oil, flip when golden-brown, and then toss in a sugar-cinnamon mixture. Enjoy your campfire confections!
Cinnamon Sugar Campfire Donuts
Cinnamon Sugar Campfire Donuts are simple refrigerator biscuits made delicious by frying them, then coating them in delicious cinnamon sugar. They are delicious warm!!!

Camping Dessert Ideas - Skillet Cookie

Gather 'round, campers! This shareable, gooey skillet cookie is perfect for bonding over a campfire. Vanilla ice cream works great as a topping if you have a freezer.

  • Recipe Ideas: chocolate chip, peanut butter, or get wild with a candy-loaded creation
  • Cooking Instructions: Press cookie dough into a greased cast iron skillet, cover with foil, and cook over the campfire for 15-20 minutes (or until the cookie is cooked to your desired level of gooeyness). Grab a spoon and dig in!
Salted Chewy Gooey Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.
This chocolate chip skillet cookie is gooey, chewy and absolutely delicious! Top with flaked salt and serve with vanilla ice cream. Perfect!

Cold Camping Desserts

Icebox Cakes

Camping Dessert Ideas - Icebox Cakes

No oven? No problem! These no-cook, make-ahead icebox cakes will keep you cool and satisfied.

  • Recipe Ideas: chocolate, fruit, or even a coffee-infused delight
  • Storage & Serving Tips: Prepare your cake in a lidded container, store it in a cooler, and dig in when the craving hits!
25 Best Icebox Cakes
These icebox cakes go back generations! From chocolate to strawberry to Oreo and Snickers, give dessert an old-fashioned spin with these chilly treats.

Chia Seed Pudding

Camping Dessert Ideas - Chia Seed Pudding

For a healthy, customizable dessert that'll keep your energy levels high, look no further than chia seed pudding.

  • Flavor Combos: vanilla, chocolate, or fruity goodness
  • Preparation & Storage: Mix chia seeds with your choice of milk and flavorings, store in airtight containers or mason jars, and let the magic happen in your cooler!
Chia Seed Pudding - Love and Lemons
This easy chia seed pudding recipe is a perfect breakfast or snack! It’s creamy, delicious, and filled with protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Frozen Fruit Treats

Camping Dessert Ideas - Frozen Fruit

A refreshing dessert option for those hot summer camping days!

  • Frozen Fruit Snack Ideas: frozen grapes, fruit popsicles, or even DIY fruit-filled ice cubes
  • Keeping Fruit Frozen: Store your frozen treats in a well-insulated cooler with plenty of ice packs to keep them chilly.

DIY Camping Dessert Kits

Why not create pre-made dessert kits for a fuss-free, delicious end to your camping meals?

  • Benefits: Save time and effort, plus minimize waste
  • Dessert Kit Ideas: s'mores, trail mix cookies, or even a deconstructed fruit salad
  • Packaging & Storage Tips: Use resealable bags or airtight containers, label each kit, and store them in your cooler or food bin.

Bottom Line

There you have it, campers—a treasure trove of camping dessert ideas just waiting to be devoured on your next camping trip!

So go ahead, try new recipes, and indulge in these sweet treats as you bask in the great outdoors. Happy camping (and eating)!

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